Rajasthani Villages are Glowing with Electricity – Credits to 24 Years Prabh Singh


Rajasthani Villages are Glowing with Electricity – Credits to 24 Years Prabh Singh

Electricity has become a vital part in  our lives. It is one of the amazing wonders of science which led to the growth of technology, out of which many electrical components are born. A day without current is unimaginable. It will  affect our daily house hold work including the working of electrical appliances. When there is no power it seems as if we have lost one of our family member.
Rajasthani Villages are Glowing with Electricity - Credits to 24 Years Prabh Singh
How come the people in Rajasthani villages will have suffered without electricity.!! Their dream for power is fulfilled by Prabh Singh, 24-year-old business school student in Durham University, hailing from New Delhi. He has been inspired by the  widely usage of solar panels by  British people. He is promoting the production of low cost , high efficient solar panels in our India through his project Kiran. He first all identified the problems of the villagers by staying as their family member. Then the idea for Project Kiran comes!! Project Kiran is lighting every Rajastani villages with the help of electricity produced from solar energy.
The set up includes a solar panel, three light bulbs, a strip light and a charging socket for a mobile phone. The application and installation of  this system is very easy. Maintenance cost of this set up is moderate. The main aim for this system is promoting rural entrepreneurship. Now Prabh Singh is extremely delighted on his project throwing light into the dark areas of Rajastani villagers. The blessings showered on him by the villagers will surely raise  him to great heights. He want to promote his project to other villages in India without electricity so that it will lead to the  development of poor villages.
Actually this is a tremendous achievement by a 24 year old student which will motivate and inspire others!!