Read Your Hospital Bills Carefully: You May Be Paying Double


Read Your Hospital Bills Carefully: You May Be Paying Double

This is really very sad that these hospitals especially BIG Names have become money spinning centers. The Government should intervene and take strict action against such hospitals like who do not follow medical ethics and values. It is better to shut down such hospitals who have become like vultures. Left alone to the mercy of insecurely doctors, commercial, immoral, ruthless Hospital management… Better keep yourself healthy or bhagwan hi maalik hain! As long as India does not focus on increasing public medical facilities or bring in a regulatory framework governing private hospitals, millions would have to face this situation.

Suggestion don’t go  by Hospital Brand or Name Check for the Good Doctors may it be Non-Famous Hospital.

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Read Hospital Bills Carefully: You May Be Paying Double

Read Sweta Goswami‘s shocking experience about Max Patparganj Hospital:

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I had a similar experience at Max, Patparganj this month during my grandmother’s Knee Replacement surgery…
Of what was to be a surgery on only her right knee, the OT clearance and accounts dept handed us a receipt which billed us for surgeries on both her knees. She was to be operated just around 8 hours later based on what’s written on that clearance slip.
Luckily, we, not even the nurses, noticed the error; got it corrected and the extra amount refunded.
Imagine what would have happened if we had not checked the slip…
And the woes did not end there. Each doctor has his associate (who is neither related to the hospital nor has any medical qualification) who would lure you as it’s a flea market to get surgeries done!
If you thought these so called brands of hospitals are good for their post-operative care. That too would be a big mistake.
There’s total lack of coordination between the doctors, their associates and the hospital. The hospital staff would call you saying the patient “has” to meet the doctor three days after the surgery. But when the 80-year old patient reaches and meets the doctor after waiting for 2 hours, all she gets from him is – “Why have you come? I didn’t ask you to come today.”
When you inform that the staff at Max Patparganj themself called up in utmost urgency saying that “a check-up is mandatory on the third day after the surgery”, the doctor dares to say – “You are lying!”
And then when you have no alternative but to stoop down to a level where you have to show the message sent by the hospital as proof, the doctor conveniently avoids the situation and says “haan, bataiye kya problem hain”

Dilmeet Manocha Suri shares her horrific story:

A very similar experience at MAX SAKET with my mom 3 yrs back.. Brought in an emergency from jammu with severe infection.. Was administered all tyes of antibiotics under the sun n laproscopically removed her appendix n fluid pipe attached to drain out d fluids leaking from her intestine.. Which we obviously werent told about .. They kept treating her for 17 days knowing she needs an open surgery for Diverticulosis n they dint hv provision in their hospital for the same.. They almost killed my mom.. I guess God is there and good sense and second opinion taken in the nick of time at GANGARAM HOSP by Dr Sumiran nundy who did an emergency surgery n saved my mom’s life.. We paid Max 5.5 lacs for trying their best to kill her. Everytime i enter the premises of that building my heart shudders to think how many patients die or suffer due to the greed of these commercial establishments.

Complete loss of faith… How do a layman decide?