Real Story of an Honest Man from Noida who Returned the Bag with Money and Jewellery to its Owner


Real Story of an Honest Man from Noida who Returned the Bag with Money and Jewellery to its Owner

An honest man returned the money bag to its owner!! Surprised to read this? The man who shown the honesty is none other than Manish, who is a part time clerk in the accounts division in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. These kind of honest deeds are disappearing in the current profit minded world. Now you all can read the story of Manish and his honest deed!!

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Real Story of an Honest Man from Noida who Returned the Bag with Money and Jewellery to its Owner

This incident took place sometime in early February, in an ATM in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. While Manish was just about to withdraw some money, accidentally he noticed a woman’s handbag in the kiosk. The bag consisted of good amount of money and jewellery. Even though he was earning an amount of Rs. 25,000 per month, but he is adamant in the human values such as honesty, sincerity etc and he decided to find the owner and to return the lost bag. Because he know the sufferings and hard work one have to do to earn that much of amount and jewels.

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The remaining part of the story reveals the real picture of this sincere and honest man. His honest and faithful deed wiped out the tears of a family and the happiness reflected from their face is really worthier than huge amount of money and jewels inside the bag.

There was no address slip inside the bag so he investigated about the details of the owner to the guard at the ATM, but he had no idea about the person and one thing he had noted was that the person was in a hurry.

After returning home he opened it and he found a small clue in the bag in the form of a bill from a jewellery shop and came to know about the name of the girl, but no other details was mentioned. Manish had revealed it to all his friends and started his journey to search her.

During the lunch break in his office, he went to the jewellery shop and asked about the girl. As fortune was with him, the shopkeeper informed him that he had received so many calls from a girl asking about her lost bag. Manish contacted the girl and asked her to receive her bag in his office. In the evening girl along with her husband reached there. She was extremely delighted to see her bag and did not even open it for counting the amount.That much faith she had towards Manish. She thanked him for his kind deed. She had no one to support her, to search for her lost bag. Even police men had refused lodge FIR to help her as the bag was not stolen it was lost.

“Due to God’s grace you found the money and jewellery and returned it to me in same state,” she said.

This story will move some of our hearts. In the current world these kind of honest deeds are out of sight and Manish surely deserves appreciation since he acted as an embodiment of  honesty!!!