Rest Assured, Dear PM!


Rest Assured, Dear PM!

Shouldn’t our PM drop this “I am a victim” complex?

He is the Prime Minister of world’s greatest democracy, and he should act with befitting dignity.

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Fantoosy- PM - Source Express Photo by Oinam Anand
A student shouts slogans even as JNU teachers and students form a human chain inside the campus in protest against arrest of JNUSU President Kanhaiya Kumar on Sunday. Express photo by Oinam Anand. 14 February 2016

As leaders go, he is perhaps the strongest we have had ever. If Mrs. Indira Gandhi ruled with an “iron fist”, he rules with iron boots, trampling anything that comes in his path. He also commands an absolute and blind loyalty of a very large mass of young people. That should give him a feeling of assurance and less a feeling of fear.

On the contrary, he seems to fight some imaginary ghosts – media, intelligentsia, English speakers, NGOs, just about anybody having views or ideology not matching that of BJP/RSS – or those who question him. He is often heard saying in media interactions, “Aapka ek agenda hai, ki kaise Modi ko giraya jaye.” Such conversion of political or ideological debate, into a personal threat is a sign of a deeply phobic mindset.

Truly, he is a great fighter and a shrewd one. To rise from a pracharak to such a high position, he would have had to fight some really tough and lonely battles within his own party, long before locking horns with the opposing parties. Especially inside BJP, which is not leadership-challenged like Congress, he has had to rise above several layers of entrenched hierarchy. Internal party politics is far more brutal than national politics and has possibly left some scars on his psyche.

His current situation is starkly similar to the one a young Mrs. Indira Gandhi was in in 1970. To rise above very senior leadership, she had just divided her party. A very strong Jan Sangh and its young leader and great orator, Mr Vapayee, were going hammer and tongs after her. Her phobia was similar to Mr. Modi’s when she trumped them with her “wo kehte hain Indira hatao, Indira kehti hai Garibi Hatao” war cry. Mr. Modi could take a leaf out of her book.

His closest friends discounting blind devotees, I guess he would have very few of such, would do well to assure him that people are not “out to get him”. They may be out to get BJP out of power and get their own party or leader into power, but then that’s just the nature of a democracy.

Mr. Modi is arguably India’s most astute politician and her strongest leader ever, he needs to believe in that as a man- an individual as well. A reassured and less phobic PM would also then have the magnanimity of a Mr. Vajpayee or a Mr. Rao to laugh off a few students making monkeys out of themselves.

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