Julia Stakhiva: She Will Make The Rich Feel Poor


Julia Stakhiva: She Will Make The Rich Feel Poor

Meet 23-year-old fashion student, Julia Stakhiva whose mum and dad own a food production company, brags that her wardrobe has now topped the $1.84 million mark. Self-confessed rich kid, Julia Stakhiva spends $368,891 a year on high-end clobber and owns more than 100 handbags costing around $7378 each, The Sun reports. The cost of her extensive grooming regimen is even more eye-popping.

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Her lavish lifestyle is funded by her ‘very supportive parents’ who fully support Julia in her quest to improve herself and her looks. Above all else, Julia likes spending her parents’ millions on looking beautiful. She splurges over £30,000 per year on lip injections, facial fillers, cheek reduction surgery, semi-permanent make-up, teeth whitening, lash extensions and cutting-edge hair treatments – including painful injections into her scalp to maintain her shiny locks.

Julia flies 2900 km from her grand townhouse in South Kensington, London, located next to famous department store, Harrods — to her home city of Moscow, Russia, to get her blonde tresses cut by her favorite hairdresser. She is said to spend $55,334 a year on beauty procedures including semi-permanent make-up, fillers and brow lifts.


She says:

“My parents have always made sure I’ve had the best in life.They bought me my first designer Louis Vuitton handbag when I was nine and a life of luxury is all I’ve ever known.”

Despite enjoying up to four holidays a year, glam parties and modelling gigs and a housekeeper and a chauffeur at her disposal,  she insists she’s not a pampered princess. She adds “People may think I’m spoilt but I was born into a wealthy family. It’s not my fault.”

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Julia found fame on the Channel 4 program The Rich Kids of Instagram. An accompanying social media feed shows the loaded twenty-somethings wiping the dirt off their shoes with £50 notes, boarding private jets and whizzing around Mayfair in their gold Bentleys.


I might have never felt so poor in my whole life!