Richest Beggars Of India – Do They Earn MORE than You


Richest Beggars Of India – Are they Earning MORE than You

Gone are the days when we sympathized with beggars on the streets and sobbed about their living conditions. Now is the time when the rich gets richer and the poor gets richest. The 2015 beggars are focused, dedicated and are here to take the begging business to a whole new level. Meet the super-rich beggars – The Richest Beggars of India, Yes you read it right SUPER RICH, Who have a huge bank balance, Big houses, but are still solely dedicated to the begging business:

Watch this video here where A Delhi Boy shows you the harsh truth about begging.

Bharat Jain: Richest beggar of India

The 49 years old professional beggar ‘Bharat Jain’ owns two houses worth 70 lakhs each. He rents a juice shop and earns 10,000 per month from the same. This man earns around 60,000 per month which is a massive amount of money. He lives with his father, brother, wife and two sons.

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Krishna Kumar Gite:

This man begs near Charni road. He lives with his brother in a house worth Rs 5 Lakhs at Nallasopara which belongs to him.

Krishna kumar- beggar
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Sarvatia Devi:

Sarvatia is one of the most famous beggars in India. She has also been featured in the newspapers. This woman pays 36,000 as insurance premium annually and has also got her daughter married. She has traveled a lot and has also visited many Holy places.

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Sambhaji Kale:

A flat, two Individual houses and a piece of land in Solapur, He has got it all. He hasn’t stopped there, further he has also made few investments in the bank.

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Laxmi Das:

This woman has been begging from the age of 16 and hasn’t stopped ever since. Now, 50 years later she has a bank account to her name with a lot of money.

laxmi das- beggar
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While you all must be waiting at the bus stop for the bus to arrive so that you reach work, This cool guy takes an auto to his begging point every day. He begs for a specific number of hours and returns back home obviously in an auto because he is cool like that. 😛

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If by any chance you are planning to quit your job right now and start begging, such thoughts are more than normal 😛

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