Actress Ritika Singh Helped to Educate a Street Kid when She was a Student


Actress Ritika Singh Helped to Educate a Street Kid when She was a Student

Ritika Singh was an internet celebrity due to her random act of kindness exhibited towards a poor kid who wanted to study, while she was a student herself. But none knew that the girl who helped the poor kid a year back is now a bollywood celebrity. Yes, the kind hearten girl  has earned much more name and fame as an Actress. She acted in two movies named “Bikkar Bai Sentimental” directed by Gautam Anil Nagrath, released on April 19, 2013. And opposite R. Madhavan in “Irudhi Suttru“, titled “Sala Khadoos” in Hindi, directed by Sudha Kongara Prasad, released on January 28, 2016. You may check the details of the movie here.

Now let us take you to the the true story of this poor kid who wants to make the nation proud but had just one BIG obstacle, i.e. his family’s financial status. Child labor in India is on the go and continues to pose a challenge before the nation and the soul reason behind it is, parent’s who can’t afford to pay for their children’s education. The child is forced to beg or sell small products to make a earning for the family at a very tender age. Below mentioned is one such true story shared by a Ritika Singh before she became a celebrity. This is a story of a young kid who wants to make the nation proud, but not sure if he will be able to make the nation proud. The reason? his family’s financial circumstances.

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I Want To Make The Nation Proud, But My Circumstance Won't Let Me Do It - True Story,

The story as shared by Ritika Singh goes like this:

Don’t forget to watch the video of what the kid has to say.

Hi! My name is Ritika Singh and I am a student. I am a professional martial artist.
I’m sending a video of a kid, my best friend and I met last night at Marine Drive. His name is Sameer.
We were just sitting and having a very serious discussion when suddenly this little kid came to us and asked very politely if we were ready to buy his stuff! We found him really sweet and respectful so we made him sit with us and we had a chat with him for more than an hour.
We asked him if he wanted to study. He said that he wants to study and make the nation proud but he can’t because of his circumstances.
He also told us that his mother lives in Bhopal and he sleeps near Churchgate station with his father.
When we bought him some stuff to eat and wear, he refused to accept it because he said that he had never spent more than 5 rupees in his entire life. He didn’t want us to spend our money on him. There are many things he told us about himself and we finally decided to meet his father and tell him that we are willing to pay for his son’s education. So we walked with him to Churchgate station and he stopped us outside and said “Didi aap log yahi ruko mai mere Papa ko leke aata hun! Yeh ilaaka itni raat ko aap logon k liye safe nahi hai”
We waited for him and saw him return without his father. We were disappointed and thought that maybe his father wasn’t interested. But he came back to tell us that his father was ready to sleep and he was calling us to meet him. My friend and I said to each other “yaar yeh kaisa attitude waala papa hai! Chal chod jaake baat kar lete hai”
When we finally saw his father, he was standing with his hands folded like we do in a namaste and as soon as we reached he came forward to touch our feet. We were surprised at the way he reacted and how respectfully he spoke to us.
He told us that he doesn’t go home because he had three daughters and he married them off but he doesn’t know what to do for his son Sameer and he felt guilty to look into his wife’s eyes.
We felt sorry for him and told him that “this boy dreams of getting into the Indian military force. He is a very brave soul and he can read and write too! We will take care of his education and enroll him in a good school”
He was beaming with pride when we told him that his son was extraordinary.
The kid really wants to get into the military but unfortunately he wouldn’t be able to do so because he met with an accident twice and he can’t walk properly. I didn’t tell him that he couldn’t because I didn’t want to make him feel sad about it.
So being a martial artist I told my friend that I will train him in Karate and Kickboxing, so that he atleast gets a feel of what training feels like! I live in Kalyan and my Dad has a martial arts gym there. We conduct many self defense seminars for women and have created national champions from a small place like Kalyan. My dad trains all of us and I’m sure he will happily train Sameer too.
My friend’s mom takes tuition so she will teach him once or twice a week and he will start going to a good school from this academic year.
There is so much more I have to write. I thought of sending this to ScoopWhoop because I want all the people from our country to see this video.
This kid is an inspiration to all of us.
If each one of us decides to take responsibility for at least one such child who is willing to study but is unable to because of his circumstances, we could possibly bring down the rate of illiteracy in our country and make this country a better place to live in.
My friend and I have planned to help more children when we start earning.
But till then I hope each one of us can do our part and help such kids get into schools and turn their lives around.
What this kid said in this video is something that most of us never even think of. This video makes me smile and cry at the same time.
I hope you share it
Ritika Singh.

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Well done Ritika for taking the effort to provide this young kid with valid education, more power to you and let his dream of making the nation proud be true soon.