Who doesn’t want the perfect, flawless skin? But the pollution and dust in our cities make it difficult to achieve. Used tons of products and sunscreens, but nothing seems to work? But there’s nothing to worry about anymore. We bring you these simple and effective home remedies to make this dream of a spotless and glowing skin come true!



Using a face wash or a cleanser suitable for your skin type is the start towards perfect sin. Proper cleansing routine will help remove dirt from your pores. It is recommended to face your wash at least 2-3 times a day. Start with warm water as it helps open your pores, deep cleanse your skin and finish off with cold water to close the pores back.

Road to FLAWLESS and RADIANT skin


Scrubs and masks help lighten skin, making it soft and youthful as it improves blood circulation. Exfoliating your skin 2 to 3 times a week will remove the dead skin off your skin making it look more radiant.

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Road to FLAWLESS and RADIANT skin

Beauty sleep

Yes, it is true. Sleep is necessary, not only for a more energetic body but also for beautiful skin. Our body repairs damaged cells and recharge the old ones while we sleep. Experts suggest that your skin needs a minimum of 6-7 hours of sleep for it to be healthy and flawless the next day.

Road to FLAWLESS and RADIANT skin

Healthy diet

Everything you eat reflects on your body as well as your skin. A healthy diet is not only necessary for a healthy mind, but also for a glowing, radiant skin. Junk food, oily food and fried food cause acne breakouts leaving your skin dull and red. Vitamin rich fruits and vegetables are the key to flawless skin.

Road to FLAWLESS and RADIANT skin

Drinking lots of water

Water is the much needed savior all of us need in our lives. Keeping yourself hydrated at all times is a pre-requisite to flawless skin. It is mandatory to drink at least 10-12 glasses everyday as it washes out toxins out of your body giving you glowing skin.

Road to FLAWLESS and RADIANT skin

Exercising regularly

Our daily habits reflect majorly on your bodies. Working out regularly causes sweat, which in turn helps in cleaning out our pores. A healthy body and impeccable skin doesn’t come easy. So get in your training shoes and run for our radiant and glowing dream!

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Road to FLAWLESS and RADIANT skinAlthough, these tips would help you to achieve the perfect skin you are looking for, there are other things to take care of. How we protect our skin, smoking and alcohol habits and the type of make-up we use affects our skin drastically. Just these few steps everyday and there you have it- the gorgeous you!