Rocky Handsome is Rocky Action!!! Movie Review


Rocky Handsome is Rocky Action!!! Movie Review

The film Rocky Handsome is an almost frame-by-frame remake of the 2010 Korean blockbuster movie The Man from Nowhere. The Director Nishikant Kamat faithfully reproduces the story of a neglected seven-year-old girl who unwittingly gets embroiled with dangerous men who deal in drugs and human organs. Actress, Shruti Haasan in a cameo flashback is wasted. The film is predictable and very violent, which may not attract a family crowd.

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Rocky Handsome Action Moview Review John Abraham

Luckily, Nayomi has befriended her silent, never-smiling neighbour, also known as Rocky Handsome. Rocky may not be sociable but he’s essentially a one-man killing machine.

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Rocky handsome is a dark action movie which is a must watch for those with strong hearts as some scenes are very gruesome. Action Sequences are outstanding and never seen before, just Wow. John Abraham has nailed the role of a silent assassin and carries the whole on his back like a pro. Nishikant Kamat is the surprise package of the movie as the lead villain and his character reminds me a little bit of Nawazuddin in kick. The first half is a little slow but the movie picks up in the second half and you won’t be able to blink your eyes in the action sequences in the second half. The action sequences were the highlight from this film, outstanding fist to fist battles, well executed action scenes. Background Music is also very good.

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No Doubt The main Hero John Abraham is looking Handsome and good in Action Scenes but as an actor especially in emotional scenes, he disappoints.  His acting is expressionless, and dull, but in action he is bang on flexible.

The growing love for acting amongst bollywood directors (first Parakash Jha in Jai Gangaajal and now Kamat in Rocky Handsome is very dangerous, both the movies could have been better had they avoided acting respectively. You guys are good in directing; please focus on it only.

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I would say buckle up with Popcorn tub and shoot yourself to the nearest theater to enjoy this kinda action.