Saala Khadoos Review: One of The Best Bollywood Boxing Movies


Saala Khadoos Review: One of The Best Bollywood Boxing Movies

Saala Khadoos‬ is a knockout from R Madhavan. Not a perfect movie, but yes, one of the best boxing movies ever churned out from Bollywood.

If you have ever fallen in love (or crush, infatuation whatever!), and then watched ‘Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mein‘, then definitely you will have a special place for Madhavan in your life. The same Madhavan has reinvented himself, and projected as an angry, frustrated boxing coach in Saala Khadoos which will somehow touch your soul. Lovingly called as Master in the movie, he does everything which a teacher should do while imparting knowledge and he simply rocks. [ Read: Mastizaade Review – No Story, Just Steamy Hot Scenes ]

Saala Khadoos Review One of The Best Bollywood Boxing Movies

Maybe I am biased towards Madhavan, but he is amazing.

But hey, the real hero of the movie is the rocking Ritika Singh, who snarls, punches, kicks and falls in impossible love with Madhavan.. She is easily the most happening actress to get introduced, who somehow compliments Radhika Apte and at the same time competes against the likes of Alia Bhatt and the stuff.

Saala Khadoos lies somewhere between Mary Kom and Brothers; the emotional vulnerable angle injected in-between the violence of boxing can unsettle you somewhere; but overall, it’s an honest endeavor. Fighting against politics and sexual favors rampant within the sports industry, this movie will inspire you to do the impossible, yet submerge you with the power which love possesses and commands. I will definitely recommend this movie, even if you are an actual boxer. Nothing official about it.

Saala Khadoos tells a fairy-tale story of a girl, her journey from streets of Chennai selling fish, to being the Indian World Boxing Champion. Also a story of retired arrogant boxer turned women’s coach, still looking for his broken dream of giving India a champion in world boxing not by himself but through a girl, his fight with an old nemesis in Boxing federation to keep the sport clean and his struggle and dedication to make realize his trainee the spirit of boxing.


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The movie cherish the women-hood, how they are modest, beautiful, delicate and at the same time there is Mohammad Ali spirit and strength in each of them.

Well acted by R Madhavan a crafted piece of acting by him, but again the real charm of the movie is new comer Ritika Singh. A well supported cast and acting by them is fabulous as well. Music complement the movie well and chemistry between the Madhavan and Ritika is the best thing about movie.

A fine piece of Feel Good movie. Must watch for Madhavan and sport movie fan. But even other-wise you WON’T BE Disappoint by the movie! If you do throw me some Tomato next time you see me. (Make sure tomato are fresh :P)

3.5/5. (If you are a R Madhavan fan, then 5/5)