Sairat (2016) [Musical Romantic Drama] : Movie Review


Sairat (2016) [Musical Romantic Drama] : Movie Review

Marathi Cinema has surprised us with some excellent creations in the recent past and one such masterpiece was Director Manjule’s Fandry, with Sairat he’s proven his mettle as a strong and competent Film maker. [Read: Badrinath Ki Dulhaniya (2017) : Movie Review ]

Sairat 2016 Musical Romantic Drama Movie Review-Fantoosy

A beautiful love story that blooms in a village between a young girl from an influential affluent family and a boy from a low caste poor background. As expected the families oppose and the couple run away in pursuit of a better future.

The concept may have been handled earlier in countless Bollywood hits and flops , here it is Manjule’s unique treatment and sensitive realistic portrayal of the love story that is impressive and admirable, he never goes over the top in any of the scenes. While the first half is layered with romance, comedy and 4 melodious songs (Ajay Atul at their best) the second half introduces the lead pair and the audience to bitter reality. Manjule manages to express his unbiased yet hard hitting opinions about the shameful caste system & honor killings which unfortunately still dominate certain sections of our society.

On the acting front Akash is sincere and plays his part well, the entire supporting cast look too real to be professional actors. Rinku Rajguru is a revelation, at 15 she’s played her part with bravura confidence. It’s great to see her ride a horse, bullet , scooter and even a tractor. Her character of a brave, independent, sexually liberated, confident girl who’s also got a sensitive and emotional side to her persona and yet does not appear a feminist is the best thing to happen to Marathi films, the last time we saw a role like that was the feisty Smita Patil in Jabbar Patel’s Umbartha[1980]. [Read: Phillauri (2017) : Movie Review ]

Excellent performances, foot tapping music, outstanding direction [ only problem is the editing] , This is definitely a kind of movie that we get to watch once in a very long time in Marathi cinema. It is not just a love story, there is much more to it, the silence on screen in the Last 5 minutes of the Climax express what no dialogue could have ever communicated.