Salary of Top 10 Bollywood Actresses!


 Salary of Top 10 Bollywood Actresses!

When we talk about money, the first thing that comes up is stardom and fame! In-fact, when we talk about Bollywood, we talk about the Bollywood actors and Bollywood actresses and how much they are paid too! Well, if you wish to know how much these superstars charge per film, then just go through this post to check out the Salary of these Top 10 Bollywood Actresses!

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  1. Kangana Ranaut – 10-11 Crores

 Salary of Top 10 Bollywood Actresses!

Counting up in numbers, this magnificent actress Kangana Ranaut charges the highest! In-fact a random report confirms that she is getting 11 Crore Rs for her next movie, and that will make her highest paid Bollywood Actress.

  1. Kareena Kapoor 9-10 Crore

 Salary of Top 10 Bollywood Actresses!

Much famous for her awesome acting skills and magnificent screenplay, the new Khan family member, Kareena Kapoor is in the second of the list! In-fact it was just a glance that we came to her in which Kareena Kapoor was found up charging INR. 10 Crore for her next release! She is also most experienced actress in this list and also highest paid Bollywood Actress!

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  1. Deepika Padukone 8-9 Crore

Salary of Top 10 Bollywood Actresses!3

Considered as one of the finest young talents of Bollywood, which is the reason she gets paid around 8-9 Crore Rs for every film. Though she drops her asking salary for small budget films whose story she likes. In-fact the best part is that she always gets applause for her screenplay and her dance moves! What a magnificent actress she is!

  1. Priyanka Chopra 8-9 Crore

 Salary of Top 10 Bollywood Actresses!

Priyanka Chopra is third highest paid Bollywood Actress. She gets 8-9 Crores for every Hindi film. She is also making her mark in Bollywood but through her singing style. Apart from Bollywood she earns quite well in Hollywood as well. Her entry in Hollywood has made a remarkable fame in her career getting the best out of her! In-fact she is one of the most searched women according to the Google’s List!

  1. Vidya Balan 6-7 Crore Rs

Salary of Top 10 Bollywood Actresses!3

Growing up from her phenomenal debut from the film Parineeta, Vidya Balan is one of the biggest Heroine of Hindi Film Industry. Vidya Balan is usually the first choice of producers making Actress centric movie. She gets around 6-7 Crore for every movie and takes the film to the next level with her quality acting skills and effort! I believe you have watched some of her hits like Kahaani and The Dirty Picture!

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  1. Katrina Kaif 6-7 Crore Rs

Salary of Top 10 Bollywood Actresses!3

Much known for her awesome dancing skills, Katrina Kaif one of the famous Bollywood Actresses is next up in the numbers. Next in the list of Highest Paid Bollywood Actress is Katrina Kaif, who gets 6-7 Crore for every film. Her slightly less fee per movie helps her get more film than any other actress. However, she charges a high amount for stage shows and performances!

  1. Anushka Sharma 5-6 Crore Rs

Salary of Top 10 Bollywood Actresses!3

Anushka Sharma is steadily establishing herself as one of the best and Highest Paid Bollywood Actress of Bollywood. She is a versatile actor, and hence, producers don’t hesitate her in paying 5 Crore for every film. +New gossips have been formed with her, and Star Cricketer Virat Kohli has made up a remarkable gossip topic!

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  1. Alia Bhatt – 4-5 Crore Rs.

Salary of Top 10 Bollywood Actresses!3

Though very young in only five movies she proved her talent. For her being a part of the Bhatt Family, Alia has been a new sensation in the Bollywood Industry! Infact her tremendous effort in making things right has somehow come to the limelight! A versatile and beautiful actress who is now getting approximately 4-5 Crore for every film!

  1. Sonakshi Sinha 4 Crore Rs

Salary of Top 10 Bollywood Actresses!3

Next in the list of highest paid Bollywood Actresses is Sonakshi Sinha, who has a big fan base. Very outspoken and talented actress who do 3-4 movies every year! And if belief on various sources her per movie fee is whooping 4 Crore.

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  1. Shraddha Kapoor – 3 Crore

Salary of Top 10 Bollywood Actresses!10

Shraddha is last in our list of Highest Paid Bollywood Actress. She also asks for 3 Crore for every film and producers are willing to pay her that amount.