Sale Of New Diesel Vehicles Banned In Delhi & NCR Till 31st March


Sale Of New Diesel Vehicles Banned In Delhi & NCR Till 31st March

Diesel Vehicles Banned
Pollution in New Delhi causes a dense layer of smog to form.

The latest in a series of measures taken by the Government to regulate pollution caused by vehicles in Delhi, the State has declared the sale of new diesel vehicles banned, if they have engine capacities above 2000cc, till March 31st. The new legislation has certain guidelines :

  • Diesel vehicles above 2000cc will not be sold, including SUVs.
  • Existing diesel cars may run.
  • Those who buy diesel vehicles must pay  an environment compensation charge when they register their cars.
  • Any commercial vehicle which is not bound for Delhi will not be allowed to enter the city through entry points at National Highway 1 and 8.
  • Trucks which were registered before 2005 will not be allowed to enter the city.
  • All taxi and cab services, including OlaCabs and Uber, will have to switch their vehicles to CNG by March 31st.
  • The Supreme Court will consider a plea for new registrations of vehicles only after Euro-4 engines are introduced, in April 2016.
  • The green cess levied on commercial vehicles entering Delhi will be doubled (100% hike).

These guidelines and reforms may seem harsh to some people, but considering the condition of pollution in the city, most people would agree that there is an urgent need for change, to ensure that living conditions in Delhi & NCR are suitable once again.

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