Salman Khan Asked to Remove ‘Khan Market’ from His Shopping Portal


Salman Khan Asked to Remove ‘Khan Market’ from His Shopping Portal

Salman Khan is in controversial news again. The Bollywood star was all over news channels and newspapers alike recently, with the court verdict acquitting him from all charges in the 2002 hit-and-run case. He’s now back in the news and back in controversy, with  the Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) asking Salman on January 3 to withdraw the name ‘Khan market’ from his shopping portal, in order to protect the brand name of the national capital’s upscale market.

Salman Khan
The ‘Khan Market’ web portal ad, by Salman Khan.

Khan Market is a part of New Delhi’s legacy since 1951, and has been known as one of the most posh and expensive retail locations in the capital, as well as the country. According to a recent press release, “CAIT has shot up a communication to actor Salman Khan today urging him to withdraw the name of Khan Market from his web portal ‘’ which he has announced on his birthday on December 27, 2015.”

The clashing of names will majorly affect the age-old market, as it will be deceptive and misleading for both traders and consumers. It will adversely affect all those who have been traders in Khan Market for generations and have established themselves. People would be confusing both names, and relating sales and purchases on the web portal with the traders of the physical Khan Market. In order for them not to be affected in such a way, the name of the online portal must be changed.

CAIT told PTI, “A name by custom/practice/usage over a long period of time by a group of persons becomes an intellectual property right of that group of persons is an integral part of principle of natural justice. Accordingly, the first lien of using the name ‘Khan Market’ lies with traders of Khan Market only.” Sales discounts that Salman Khan may offer on products may lead to confusion and embarrassing situations for traders and consumers, the statement added.

In a separate statement, CAIT said that it will hold a two-day National Conference on Goods and Services Tax (GST), on January 5-6 in Nagpur, Maharasthra.

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