Salman is All Charged to Tie the Knot. Who’s the Bride? Take a Peep!


Salman is All Charged to Tie The Knot. Who’s the Bride? Take a Peep!

While Salman Khan has been all in the limelight for his abs and moves in the Sultan teaser, the actor perhaps has more good news to reveal. 2016 seems to be a great journey for Bollywood with a Pandora’s Box of interesting scoops being fed to us. With Geeta and Meera as well as Genelia on the way of motherhood, Bollywood has seen a plethora of hook ups too. While we have not yet moved out of the hangover of Bips and Karan Grover’s marriage, it seems another couple is soon going to join the list and you won’t believe who it is.

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Salman, Salma and Iulia in their return from Sultan shoot
Salman, Salma and Iulia in their return from Sultan shoot

It’s none other than Salman Khan, the fifty aged most eligible bachelor of Bollywood. Though the entire Bollywood had been waiting for him to tie the knot, Salman probably has a surprise to share. There have been rumours of Salman and Iulia Vantur, his Romanian girlfriend. Though Bollywood decided to remain tight lipped about the entire affair and even Salman too, some of his recent pictures have confirmed that the Bhai of Bollywood is indeed up to something.

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Salman and Iulia
Salman and Iulia

Sallu had been recently shooting for Sultan and after a long shoot that continued for almost a period of 4 months at a stretch, it was finally time to pack up. While Bhai was returning from his finished shoot, he along with his family was spotted with Iulia Vantur at the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport.

What made us more curious was that Sallu’s mother, Salma was spotted with a stick on one hand and Iulia on the other. Apart from the duo, there were Alvira and Salman. It was quite evident that the three ladies of the Bhai’s life had been accompanying him in his shoots for Sultan.

Salma is all impressed with Iulia
Salma is all impressed with Iulia

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With Iulia being spotted with Salllu’s family, it is confirmed that the affair is no longer confined to them but is probably soon going to ring the wedding bells. Iulia has been present in almost all outdoors of Bajrangi Bhai and was also the special guest in his recent birthday party of the fiftieth year.

Seems like a grand wedding invitation is in the pipeline.