Sanjay Dutt Expelled from Jail due to Low Attendance


Sanjay Dutt Expelled from Jail due to Low Attendance

Dear Sanjay Dutt STOP behaving like a war hero who has returned home, kissing the tricolor and earlier indulging in anti national activities. Mera Bharat Mahan !!!

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Sanjay Dutt Expelled from Jail due to Low Attendance, Yerwada Central Jail,
Arnab Goswami should invite Sanjay Dutt to his show.
On Danny Denzongpa’s Birthday Sanjay Dutt gets Released from Yerwada Central Jail. Truly a Villain’s day Out. Why was Sanjay Dutt released on Thursday? Don’t all Bollywood releases happen on Fridays? The innocent terrorist after serving his sentence for his involvement in 1993 Bombay bombings is now out of the jail. Hat’s off to our judiciary system. One person is found guilty on charges of terrorism gets some months of punishment in person and gets out soon.

See this happens only in India, while media is talking about JNU but no one talks about Sanjay Dutt a criminal who helped terrorist in Mumbai blast were 257 people died and 713 had non-fatal injuries. He is free now after serving his punishment. Why the politicians of India like our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, Rahul Gandhi, Arvind Kejriwal and other politicians not talking about this? 

A criminal who had helped terrorist, dozed the law for 20 years, misused the parole to stay out of jail for 40% time is being rolled out with red carpet by some. Unfortunately only because he had two MPs in family otherwise his friend Yusuf Nullwala and his driver Mohammad got life term just because of following his order and trying to destroy evidence. The other co-accused Yusuf Nullwala, whom Sanjay had called from Mauritius and asked to destroy one of the AK-56s in his possession. Another accused was 64-year-old Zaibunissa Kazi, who kept the arms and RDX inside her house once those were moved out from Dutts house. Full list of convicted and acquitted in 1993 Mumbai Bomb Blast case can be found here.

The standard of reporting and journalism has gone so down that media is giving so much importance to Sanjay Dutt, a criminal as he is coming out of jail. Media Channels are covering Sanjay Dutt’s release giving account by account of every movement until he reached home “safely” from the prison. As though a distressed person who has been held hostage by some kidnappers has been released and reached safely home. Sanjay Dutts release from jail is so portrayed on various television channel as if he has returned after winning Olympic Gold Medal or as if a brave proud soldier returning back home after fighting with enemy.

Arnab Goswami should invite Sanjay Dutt to his show. That would make him the first guest on Newshour who actually completed a sentence! Is there no better news to cover? Rest in peace to our Media Channels. 

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What’s next for Sanjay Datt? Another Movie or a Rajya Sabha Member of Parliament Ticket or a Free Plot of Land?