The Science Of A Happy Marriage Is How Your Spouse Responds When You Share Good News


The Science Of A Happy Marriage Is How Your Spouse Responds When You Share Good News

Your positive response to your partner’s good news could have a really big impact in the long-term health and happiness of your marriage life. Yes, you read that right. According to a study conducted in University of California, Los Angeles, the science of a happy marriage is how your spouse responds when you share good news with him/her. This study concluded that, partners who are close to each other often share all their successes and triumphs with one another.

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The Science Of A Happy Marriage Is How Your Spouse Responds When You Share Good News- Fantoosy

Have you ever waited with lots of excitement, just to share some of your successes and triumphs with your life partner? Well, how did your spouse respond to that success of your’s? Were they equally excited and happy in hearing the news about your success? If yes, you are in a happy marriage. Because your partner’s response to good news is a dominant factor in deciding how happy and healthy your marriage will be.

In this study, conducted by University of California, 79 dating couples participated in videotaped interactions. In which they were asked to discuss the recent positive and negative events with their current dates. And the data were observed and stored. After two months time, couples who responded well to positive discussions were more close with each other in thir relationship. While couples who barely responded were not much close to each other, the only thing they were close to is breakup.

What if your spouse barely responds to your announcement? It will result in frustration and resentment, both of these are trouble makers and will not help to lead a happy marriage. It’s how you respond to your spouse, that is what determines how happy and healthy your marriage will be. We should never overlook or ignore this, this is a vital aspect of marriage according to science. A study published on ‘Journal of Personality and Social Psychology’ Suggests that, sharing good news with others is one way that people can savor those experiences while building personal and interpersonal resources, which in turn helps to lead a happy married life.

The study focussed on how sharing positive events with others provides personal and interpersonal benefits. And the study concluded that, a partner’s positive reaction to our good news can magnify the benefits of that good fortune and make us feel closer to them. It helps them both to get to know each other better. This study proved that responding well to the spouse’s good news, bonds the couples together.

How To Respond Well?

Never Let Jealousy To Creep In:

Whenever your spouse tells you some good news, take it positively, you might have went through a bad day, but don’t let that ruin your spouse’s happiness. They would have waited their whole day with much excitement, just to share the news with you. So try to share in your spouse’s happiness, even if you are not willing to. And never be jealous of each other. If they have achieved something be happy for them, don’t get jealous that they have done something that you failed to do. Try to remember who they are, they are your perfect half, don’t get jealous over their victory. Learn to appreciate it. If you are in a healthy relationship, good news of your spouse will always be a good news for you and you would never let jealousy creep in.

Engage In The Conversation And Celebrate:

Show some enthusiasm in listening to their good news and also show some enthusiasm when you respond to them. Encourage them, instead of giving a bad response. Listen carefully to what they are saying, let them finish, don’t interrupt nor argue. If you do, you are pushing them away from your relationship, from your marriage. Engage in meaningful conversation when your partner is sharing some good news with full excitement. Don’t respond with a one word answer like, ‘good , great, okay, really’ etc……

The Science Of A Happy Marriage Is How Your Spouse Responds When You Share Good News- Fantoosy

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Celebrate their victory, make them believe that you are equally excited in hearing the good news (even if you are not). Taking time to celebrate also creates a spirit of gratitude and thankfulness in the marriage, gratitude and thankfulness is what a marriage requires to be a healthy one. So use the opportunity to engage in a meaningful and happy conversation with your partner. Engaging with each other in a mutual conversation can really help a relationship in long terms.