Selfies!!! Selfies!!! Whats the real Psychology behind it!!


Selfies!!! Selfies!!! Whats the real Psychology behind it!!

Selfies has become a trend now a days. Selfie became popular due to the arrival of smart phones. The accidents caused due to selfies are becoming common now a days. Because while trying to click selfies all are focusing on how to make it special by capturing  it on a special background. This increases the risks of accidents. No one is bothered about the place and circumstances about where they are standing. It is quite obvious that  people have an enormous craze for selfie and they are sacrificing their lives for this craze. We are always worried about others opinion about us.

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Selfies!!! Selfies!!! Whats the real Psychology behind it!!

Selfie post in social media is the realization of our desire about how others view us.It has both positive and negative aspects. One is through selfie some want others to enjoy their beauty and the other one is enjoying the beauty by self. These activities are done based on social media networking. They want others to appreciate them and like them. They are deeply bothered about the number of likes, comments they get for their selfie.When this cross the limits trouble occurs. The positive impact of these are they will increase the self confidence among people. Recently celebrities are getting  more popularity from their fans unlimited selfie craze.

But taking selfies will turn out to be a disease, if we are not satisfied with the likes and comments for our post, when we frequently take selfies. It will surely affect our overall life, it spoils a healthy family relationship and even it will part our good friends too. So we should limit our selfie craze for a better living and should be conscious about the situations around.

Social Medias will be a blessing if we use it in a proper way, else it will become a curse!!