7 Reasons Why Sarojini Nagar Is Every Girl’s BFF.


7 Reasons Why Sarojini Nagar Is Every Girl’s BFF.

Regardless  whether you hail from New Delhi or not, every girl has had an experience of shopping from the flea markets of Sarojini Nagar and if not, she sure as hell dreams to. Sarojini Nagar is every girl’s best friend and we give you seven reasons to answer why!

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1 – SN boasts of all kinds and categories of clothes. From crop tops to leggings; from long maxi dresses to jumpsuits, you’re going to find all of it here.


2 – If you have a fetish for totes, clutches, sling bags and handbags, Sarojini is the best place for you to land at. The amount of options this place has is astounding and amazing all at the same time!


3 – Sarojini is not limited to bags and dresses, it’s all about those amazing seven inches heels to osho slippers. It’s a legitimate box of surprises!

4 – From super pretty earrings, to silver anklets. From fancy necklaces to super cool belts, Sarojini has plenty of options to choose from.


5 – Bargaining rules this market. If you’re good at it, you might just end up buying your next favorite tee for 100 bucks, and if you’re the opposite, then shopping here frequently would teach you lot of tricks.

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6 – There are various eateries located here at SN. Along with the setting up of the Square Mall here, you have countless number of fast food chains to grab a bite from.

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7 – Basically, Sarojini Nagar is the BAWS. Be it for the 15 year olds, the 25 year olds or even the 50. Sarojini Nagar is the place to be for every shopaholic! Happy shopping!

ALSO, Why else do you think the lyrics said, “Sarojini ke kapre madam jaati pehenke disco!!”?