Shaving Is A Derogatory Act and Shall Not Be Practiced Any Longer


Shaving Is A Derogatory Act and Shall Not Be Practiced Any Longer

Men grooming is highly famous. Not only do women but men also have their separate salon’s all the over the world. Initially, Only females were put on high focus to always maintain themselves and look fancy, But in today’s time things have surely changed. Guys like to dress up and are happily spending money on pepping up them selves and keeping up their style quotient.

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Self grooming is not only a style need but is equally important for health benefits. You’d be surprised to know that according to a specific religion, men are no more allowed to shave and trim their beard. It is said that shaving is a disgrace to the Muslim Divinity and shall no longer be practiced.

According to Darul Uloom, A highly respectable Islamic Education Foundation, Shaving is now a non-permissible act and should no longer be practiced amongst Muslim men. This news has massively spread over social media and is gaining a lot of attention.

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One very famous salon named “Friends” run by Mohammad Irshad and Mohammad Furkaan have put up this Islamic Law passed recently at their Salon entrance.  These two men questioned the interpreters regarding this law and in return Waqaar Ali, Jenul Kaasmi and Faqrul Islam, The head of the Institute answered that in Islamic law shaving and trimming of beard is a major felony and also the person earning out of this derogatory act is part of the misdeed.

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