She Wrote an Open Letter to Ravana and She Nailed it


She Wrote an Open Letter to Ravana and She Nailed it

She Wrote an Open Letter to Ravana and She Nailed it

Dear Ravana,

Every year, on this day, we celebrate the victory of Good over Evil. But, technically speaking your behaviour should be re-classified from “Evil” to “Slightly Naughty”. After all, what did you do in real terms? I agree you kidnapped a lady in haste but after that you gave her more respect we normally give to women in today’s world. If I ignore the whole “Kidnapping” bit, Ravana treated Maa Sita with more respect than we do to females.

You offered her good food, shelter and even women security guards (not too good looking though). Your request for marriage was full of humility and you never threw acids when your proposal was rejected. Even when Lord Rama killed you, you were wise enough to seek his apologies and I believe you were more educated ( educated brahmi ) than half of our Parliament. Proceeding to the heavens, Ravana fought and defeated the devas, singling out his brother for particular humiliation.

Trust me dude there ain’t no any hard feelings to burn you. It’s just that this is the latest In-Thing in trends.

Respect !!!🙏😀

Happy Dussehra and Shubho Bijoya

– By an Unknown Girl.

While men keep raping in this society, does Ravana really deserve to be burnt by us? Someone who didn’t even touch Maa Sita after abducting her. The world has never needed more examples of Good over Evil victories as today, from Ravana like rapists, terrorists & corrupt. Leave Ravana aside, let’s kill the evil thoughts within us so that we and our country progress together.

There is no Ravana outside today, he is inside us as ego & we have to kill him to be a good human. Be kind & humble to others.

This Dussehra let’s kill the Ravana of Selective Outrage.