Shiny Legs Or Bizarre Optical Illusion?


Shiny Legs Or Bizarre Optical Illusion?

This bizarre optical illusion of a girl’s shiny legs uploaded by Instagram user, leanoardhoespams is freaking out every social media users. Let take a look at the picture first.

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Shiny Legs Or Bizarre Optical Illusion-Fantoosy
Image Credits: Instagram

So, what do you think it is? Oil on the legs? No, it’s not oil. Well, is it a film of plastic on her legs? No, not really, it’s not even a film of plastic. So those are some real shiny legs? Well, no. If so, what is wrong with this pair of legs? Nothing, nothing’s wrong with this pair of legs, the lady’s legs had streaks of white paint on them. Yes, this viral photo of a girl’s legs is a crazy optical illusion caused by streaks of white paint drawn on her legs.

Remember “The Dress”? The internet went crazy to figure out if it’s blue or gold. That seems to be scenario here. This picture of a girl’s legs is blowing people’s minds. People were instantly confused by the photo.

Twitter user @msbreeezyyy shared this mind-bending photo of someone’s legs and it went viral with over 14,000+ retweets and comments by baffled users. This picture was originally posted by Instagram user @leonardhoespams.

At first many users commented that the legs were shiny or plastic. It took a while for them to realise that there’s several streaks of paint in the girl’s legs. This illusion is freaking people out all over the internet. Take a look at some of the comments. Some were pretty sure that it’s plastic.

Shiny Legs Or Bizarre Optical Illusion-Fantoosy.jpg
Image Credits: Twitter: @msbreeezyyy

So what was your first thought? You noticed the white paint?