Shivaay (2016) Movie Review


Shivaay (2016) Movie Review

He’s a desi cliffhanger in Himalayas who has Lord Shiva’s serpent, Trishul and Om tattooed on his self. Displaying his body to a firangi trekker, he develops feelings for her and vice versa. They date, mate and separate after she gives birth to their mute daughter. That’s Shivaay (Ajay Devgan) for you…an 80’s style actioner nicely packaged with breathtaking visuals, pulsating background score and jaw-dropping action scenes. [ Read: Ouch (2016) Short Film Review ]

Shivaay (2016) Movie Review

Get ready then for a complete Devganathon where the super star dominates every single frame of the movie excelling in action scenes but going a tad OTT in his emotional outbursts.

The action begins when Shivaay brings his mute daughter Gaura (Abigail Eames) to meet her mother (Erika Kaar) in the big bad Bulgaria where it seems no child is safe. Gaura too falls prey to the human traffickers and it is up to Shivaay to rescue her and reunite with her mom. In between the rescue mission, he seeks help from an Indian embassy staff (Sayyeshaa Saigal in a wasted debut) and her wheelchair bound father (Girish Karnad criminally wasted in a needless role). [ Read: Saat Uchakkey (2016) Movie Review


Ajay Devgan’s direction is a mixed bag. While the trekking sequences and the pre interval chase are outstanding, the extended climax (i’ll not elaborate to avoid playing spoiler!) and an entire song dedicated to Sayyeshaa Saigal in a bathtub slows down the tempo. Atleast 20 minutes of the excess could’ve been trimmed for a racy narrative.

More on the flip-side; an actioner like this requires a solid memorable villain. Alas, the gora baddie brigade in Shivaay don’t make the cut. Last but certainly not the least, Vir Das as the hacker help doesn’t convince and irritates thoroughly. [ Read: M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story (2016) Movie Review]

So, is this desi ‘Cliffhanger’ (1993) meets ‘Taken’ (2008) worth your Diwali outing? Well, action buffs and Devgan fans will certainly have a blast. Others may or may not…

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