Shocking Truth – What this Dog Breeder did will Break Your Heart


Shocking Truth – What this Dog Breeder did will Break Your Heart

I came across this facebook post and thought I should make it reach more and more people, every dog lover must know about it. We need a collective consciousness, please read and share this information if a dog or any pet is part of your family, let us all make that small difference towards the unfortunate truth of getting that “Pedigree” pup. There’s absolutely no reason for this kind of abuse and loss of a life, knowing the fact that it is done by we humans out of greed, it simply breaks my heart. I just honestly cannot understand how can a dog breeder do this. When you are a pet owner or a breeder, these pets depends on you… and you have a responsibility to take good care for them. Seriously, what is wrong with this Dog Breeder?

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Shocking Truth - What this Dog Breeder did will Break Your Heart

Read what unusual gift Rekha Prasad asks from her friends on her birthday. What she writes about this dog breeder on her facebook timeline will leave you shocked:

“Friends, today is my birthday. While I let this day go by silently every year, this one is different in the sense that I am going to take the liberty to ask you for a gift. [ Read: Kids Nurtured this Dog – What Happened Next is Shocking ]

I am a self-professed incorrigible animal lover and respect every living being. However, this post is not about dogs. Forgive the liberty I have taken for passion runs high here.

The day began while I was still mourning another human atrocity. A spineless creature of my species who sells babies of another species for his livelihood found no use of this animal once it stopped making babies and filling his belly. What would a man do to someone who is of no use to him? Yes, discard. He starved the dog until its insides started sticking out of its skin and then poisoned it. Poisoned it such that it bled from its nose and mouth. All its organs failed, the poison had spread to a point that the dog had to be put down – mercy you see. That animal trusted humans till the end, even while we let it go. Would you sell your children or poison your kin?

Don’t for God’s sake buy a dog. Don’t support unethical behavior. Don’t buy babies. Don’t be a home-breeder. Don’t have that one litter. Adopt one if at all. Open your hearts to an older dog. Support someone who already does. Feed a stray everyday. Spay/Neuter your strays. Feed a human. Buy him a blanket, get him a job. Do something, don’t wait for someone else to come save your world. Do something everyday. Something beyond routine. Please give back to this beautiful world. Open your minds and hearts and houses to something beyond your limited world. Make a difference. Trust me, there will be payback time.

Please, sincerely request you to open your eyes, look around, see what is happening and most importantly, ACT. If you can’t do anything, support. If you can’t support, share. Talk about it, write about it, discuss, create awareness. There are a gazillion of activists with fire in their bellies. Help them, support them. But please don’t watch the world pass by. If you don’t do anything, you will end up in this same world you created, and it is one scary place.

Don’t let that fire die down and make this world a cold cold place.”

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Rekha, more power to your efforts to stop these atrocities by Dog Breeders, we thank you for sharing this information.

Instead of continuing to breed and breed and adopt, take in a poor little homeless baby and make them a part of your family. No living thing deserves such atrocities. So please be aware if you see such incident talk about it, report it immediately. Your one effort can save many lives.