Shushmita Sen Makes Her Debut On Instagram And We Are Like..WOW!


Shushmita Sen Makes Her Debut On Instagram And We Are Like..WOW!

Shushmita Sen is the one beauty, who brought this country the name and fame associated with Miss universe crown in 1994, disappeared from the the silver screen  in the late 2000’s. Long and behold the first Bengali babe that got this nation hooting for her and paved the way for the other well know beauties like Aishwarya and Bipasha.

Her sudden disappearance from the silver screen broke countless hearts (Including mine:( ). She was one actress, who was the prefect blend of talent and beauty. She had done some critically acclaimed roles like, the one of the detective in Samay: when time strike (2003).

So why is she the topic of discussion today, out of the blue?

That is because Sushmita  decides to make her Instagram debut yesterday, but my, oh my, did she made a debut of what! Sush really knows how to start anything in style, and her Instagram debut is a picture of her in a swimsuit!

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Shushmita Sen
Isn’t she looks WOW in that swimsuit

She also posted a really adorable video of her daughters recently, and also updated her profile with another picture in a swimsuit, albeit in the shadows:

Shushmita Sen Makes Her Debut On Instagram And We Are Like..WOW!1

She had always been the celebrity who unlike her counterparts, Shilpa shetty or Sridevi, just love posting their videos on Facebook and Instagram.

With these Instagram pics, all one can say is that she sure doesn’t want us to forget about the time when we were mesmerized by her Bong beauty.

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Shushmita Sen

And we must say She know how to turn heads even mow.

Aren’t these pictures for which one would say…WOW!

Sushmita is known for her smoldering, hot looks, and had been shying away from social media for a long time,and when she finally decided to get on the social media market, she did make her entry with a bang.

All we can say is, we missed you Sushmita!

P.S- Is there a Bollywood comeback on the cards?