Siblings Donates Pocket Money To Gift A Toilet To Their School


Siblings Donates Pocket Money To Gift A Toilet To Their School

What would a brother-sister duo do with their pocket money during their teenage or when they are in school? Well, they are not likely to invest their money in business nor build a home with it. They would rather spend the money on shopping or would fill their tummy with the finest delicacies. But that’s not the scenario when it comes to this particular siblings who donated their pocket money along with all their savings including the scholarship money they received for being ‘minority community’ students.

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Siblings Donates Pocket Money To Gift A Toilet To Their School -Fantoosy
Image Credits: Times Of India

Yes, Memoona Khan, 16, and her brother Aamir Khan, 14, from Madhya Pradesh pooled in every penny from their savings and scholarship money to build a toilet for a girls’ school in Narsingpur district of Madhya Pradesh. When asked about what inspired them to exhibit this act of kindness , sixteen-year-old Memoona Khan, told to Times Of India that, “The school had only one toilet. I’d feel bad seeing students standing in a queue to ney — we contributed a total of Rs 2,000. Thus we had around Rs 10,000 in total. Seeing our enthusiasm, our father also pitched in with Rs 14,500 for the toilet.”

This isn’t the first time this school girl is contributing something for her society. Back in 2011, Memoon was worried about the condition of the road that leads to her #school, so she wrote a letter to CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan, calling him “Mamaji”, in the letter she has requested for a road to be built to her school. Responding to her letter, CM Chouhan had sanctioned funds for the construction of road, and he wrote in his reply letter : “Bhaanjion ki baat kaise taal sakta hoon?”.

Team Fantoosy wishes all the luck for this fantastic brother-sister duo in their journey ahead.