Sikh Villagers Renovates a Mosque for Just One Muslim Family


Sikh Villagers Renovates A Mosque for Just One Muslim Family

Yes, you read the title correct, sikh villagers renovates a mosque for just one muslim family. Sikhs and Hindus in a Punjab village has set an example of communal harmony by renovating a decades old mosque just for one Muslim family in their village. This heart healing incident happened in a a small village named Malla located in Jagraon Tehsil of Ludhiana district in Punjab. Malla has an approximate population of around 5,000 people of which 90% of population are Sikhs, 9% are Hindus and just one single Muslim family. The sharp lines of religious discrimination drawn between Hindus and Muslims still prevails in several nooks and corner. But the Sikhs and Hindus living in village Malla has set an amazing example of communal harmony by means of their tiresome efforts in renovating a decades old mosque for the lone Muslim family residing in the village.

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Sikh Villagers Renovates a Mosque for Just One Muslim Family

This Malla village mosque was closed in 1947 after the building collapsed.

Jogi Verma, a Hindu from the village of Malla who also lives near by the mosque said, “We are proud of the fact that our village represents unity in diversity. Renovation of mosque by all community members is a tight slap on those who try to divide people on religious lines for petty political benefits.”

This collapsed mosque was identified by The Majlis Ahrar Islam Hind Party of Ludhiana and this party contacted the Imam of Jama Masjid, Ludhiana. Requesting them to help renovate this mosque. Following their request, Maulana Habib Ur Rehman Sani Ludhianavi

– Imam of Jama Masjid, Ludhiana approached the villagers of Malla and the villagers were ready to open it for re-construction and they even helped offered karsewa during the construction. The Masjid was thrown open to the public on February 29, 2016 . Even the Sikh villagers have organised a community kitchen for every one on the day of inauguration and they did the same on the day when construction started.

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Iqbal Hussain a member of the sole Muslim family in the village appreciates this help from sikh villagers and said, “Our Sikh brothers have always stood by us. And today, they helped rebuild our place of worship. We cannot thank them enough,” Iqbal Hussain and his family had to travel to Jagraon or Raikot to offer namaz earlier.
The message conveyed by the villager’s were quite inspiring, they said, “We believe in communal harmony and want to set example for others that instead of creating walls of religion, one should live happily with each other.”