SIMRAN : (2017) Indian Movie Review


SIMRAN : (2017) Indian Movie Review

SIMRAN : ‘Simran’ is a black comedy inspired by the long forgotten escapades of the infamous “Bombshell Bandit” Sandeep Kaur who created a ruckus in the US.

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Based in Atlanta, 30 year old Praful Patel (Kangana Ranaut) is a divorcee who lives with her parents and works for the housekeeping department in an high end hotel. A chance trip to sin city Las Vegas on invitation by a friend lends her in deep trouble when she gets addicted to gambling in a casino and ends up losing a huge amount of money. How the undecided young woman turns into an compulsive kleptomaniac robbing banks in order to repay the money lender mafia (Jason Louder) leaves the audience in splits.

Director Hansal Mehta known for serious off beat cinema delves daringly into comedy for the first time , his debut effort at this genre is evident in the not so impressive direction specially in the second half. The gambling sessions and later the bank robbery sequences have absolutely no novelty , they appear monotonous and amateurish. Mehta definitely needed more in depth monitoring of the directorial skills. Even the screenplay, editing & music are passé. A few dialogues deliver the required punch.

Kangana Ranaut as expected carries the film on her slender shoulders, it is more like an extension of her character from Queen(2014). She has exactly the same body language as Queen and is quite a revelation in the first half but unfortunately a weak direction and weaker screenplay in the later half stunt her acting skills as well. Among the supporting actors Hiten Kumar as the father is absolutely fantastic and plays the nagging yet concerned daddy to perfection. Rupinder Nagra as the lecherous supervisor & Timothy Hikernell as a friendly bartender are aptly cast & deliver well.

Somewhere down the line the director loses his grip over the storyline and the ending looks rushed and hurried and overall unconvincing. A lot of sequences appear illogical & far too fictional. The movie does have its moments, the camaraderie shared by Praful with her colleagues at the hotel shows the warmth & vulnerability of her character, her love hate relationship with the father is dealt with realistically & beautifully but the mother (Kishori Shahane) is sidelined. Praful’s platonic relationship with the eligible suitor (Soham Shah- in great form delivering a knock out performance) is handled well by the director proving his expertise in sensitive & emotional scenes.

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Mehta’s ambitious effort of rehashing a Queen meets Tanu Weds Manu starts off well but goes haywire after the intermission. If only the Director had focussed more on providing better entertainment this movie had a lot of potential. With a running time of just 125 minutes it could’ve fared better , ‘If Only’ !