Single Life Is Swag Life


Single Life Is Swag Life 

It’s often seen when a person turns single everyone around him suddenly gets into a relationship or even end up marrying. They make you feel miserable to the point where you actually start to randomly hook up with people. Single life can be a lot better than this and we shall tell you how.

We bring you some kick ass reason as to why you should stick around with the single life a little longer than you planned to. These reasons will make you want to enjoy the single hood life to the core and never get into a relationship. We aren’t saying commitment is bad but if by any chance you turn single for a while, don’t forget to go crazy and explore.

Like a boss:

You rule your life. You don’t need to ask for permission from someone else to live your life a certain way. You aren’t answerable to any one and that’s the beauty of being your own boss.

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No more arguments and confrontations:

You don’t have to constantly worry about bae hooking up with someone or talking to random people. So basically no more arguments and no more fights.

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Lots of savings:

No more buying gifts and paying for never ending bills at the cafes. All that pocket money is finally going in the saving account and what else do you need. Isn’t life the best right now? *evil laugh*

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Sleep, More Sleep!

This is probably the best thing about being single. No late night talks which means more sleep. No more waking up your partner early morning for work that also means more sleep. Basically, you can sleep whenever you want to and when you get tired of sleeping you could just sleep a little more. *wink*

more sleep

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More time to self:

You can pamper yourself all you want. Go out for movies alone and read book and do whatever you wanted to do when you were dating but you couldn’t because you had no time for yourself.

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More time with friends:

Was you partner always against you spending too much time with friends? Guess what? You don’t have to care about that anymore. You are a free bird and now you can spends all those extra hours chilling with a friend.

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Have any more fun points to add? Make sure to comment down below.