Six Things that are Banned in India


Six Things that are Banned in India

India has made sure to hold on to it’s diverse culture and traditions by banning anything and everything that may or may not go against it’s cultural and religious norms. Last year can be quoted as “The Year of Bans” due to the number of bans on unbelievably strange things from beef to screening of Fifty Shades of Grey. We call ourselves the Land of Kamasutra yet we ban movies with nudity. Some of these bans were praised but not everyone praised the ban of pornography. The list of stuffs that are banned in India so far is quite long and bizarre. Well, I figured you won’t be interested in reading them all, so here’s a list of six things banned in India, some banns in this list were lifted later.

Six Things that are Banned in India

1) Fifty Shades of Grey:
Well, most of the people who watched the movie abroad have agreed that the movie is kind of boring if not for the explicit scenes and nudity. Weirdly enough, Indian Censor Board has banned the movie from screening for strong language and nudity. Curious cats across the country must be disappointed, well, they shouldn’t the censor board banned the film even after the studio was ready to cut down all sex scenes and nudity. I don’t think that movie is of any good without those scenes. The movie wasn’t banned in India officially, yet no theater’s can play it to the public without a certificate from the Censors.

2) Kissing in Public:
India is a developing country and has world’s second largest population, but when it comes to express your love in public, it’s kinda illegal. Section 294

of the Indian Penal Code lays down the punishment for obscene acts or words in public.

3) Ban of Beef:
Maharashtra’s ban on beef was one of the controversial additions to India’s list of bans. Anyone found in possession of beef can be sent to jail for five years or fined Rs 10,000. Beef lovers in Maharashtra will now have to go on without beef or they have to travel to neighboring cities to eat a plate of beef.

4) Cuss Words:
Ban on cuss words in Bollywood was another controversial topic, why would censor board ban these words when we are all well aware of their meanings. Isn’t this against the freedom and creative liberty of a filmmaker?

5) Advertising Alcohol:
Ever seen alcohol advertised in television or news paper? No! that’s because it’s banned from advertising in India and this is one of the oldest bans in India dating back from late 1990’s. It is said that India consumes one–fifth of the total alcohol produced in the world, so the liquor companies have found several alternatives to advertise their products by advertising their labels in airlines and stuffs.

6) Mannequins:
Well, Mannequins are not banned in India but city of Mumbai has recently voted to ban mannequins displaying lingerie. Some say’s this ban is to stop the city’s men having “impure thoughts”.

What do you think is the strangest ban in this list?