Snapdeal Launches New Product Delivery Option Delivers Within 4 HOURS!


Snapdeal Launches New Product Delivery Option Delivers Within 4 HOURS!

Snapdeal has been India’s most loved online shopping website since it first launched. Although, Snapdeal faces a tough competition from other online shopping websites like Amazon, Flipkart and so on, it has always managed to keep winning hearts with it’s faster  product delivery and product quality.

Snapdeal's New Product Delivery Option Delivers Within 4 HOURS!

Snapdeal is popular among shoppers for it’s fast and accurate delivery of the product. disappointing their customers has almost only been a rare case. Initially, with their one-day delivery option and now within 4 hours? They have made this facility available for recent mobile phones and is planning to extend it’s services to most consumer products.

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Snapdeal has recently launched “same day” tab along with the “next day” tab for mobile phones and fast moving consumer goods. And as per the VP operations at Snapdeal, Ashish Chitravanshi, 99% of the orders get dispatched the same day. The warehouse is a whooping 2 million square feet space. It is said to fulfill 70% of the online shopping site’s orders.

This is what VP operations at Snapdeal, Ashish Chitravanshi had to say.”We have already improved upon our delivery time by 70% over last year and would now expand the scope of 4 hour deliveries beyond exclusive phone launches”.

Besides all the positive impact Snapdeal has been creating in the business platform, it has also been running a pilot test for delivery through Janus, a multinational platform where customers can discover, buy, same day local delivery. Not only this, but Snapdeal has also been associating with numerous numbers of sellers and boasts of being associated with more than 3 lakh sellers.

Technology has a vital role to play in the modern society. It is amazing how technology and innovation has been impacting our lives in so many positive ways. Our lives have been made easier and our lifestyles upgraded. Technology not only has been beneficial to the common man, but also to business enterprises. Technology along with innovation has reaped higher profits with increased productivity and efficiency.

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Although there have been much criticism linked to technology, it has never let us down. It has made communication among people simpler and has lifted most of our burden off our backs. Ever tried imagining a world without cars, microwaves, fax and copy machines and our very favorite online shopping sites? It would be a very dull world to live in.

Kudos to technology and innovations like that by Snapdeal!