Solar Power Saves Electricity in Gujarat Colleges


Solar Power Saves Electricity in Gujarat Colleges:

Solar Power is creating wonders in the Gujarat colleges by saving electricity. The amazing solar power derived from solar energy had helped Colleges in Gujarat to minimize the hefty electricity bills. Sun is the main source of energy on earth. Solar power can be used to save electricity which in turn saves money. Solar cells, Solar panels work with the help of solar power. Solar energy is cost effective, highly efficient and compatible. College installed 238 solar panels each of 75 kW each with the help of Gujarat Energy Development Agency (GEDA), and they were able to reduce the electricity bill to a great extent.

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Father Robert Arockiasamy, principal of St. Xavier’s College, says Ahmedabad-based Torrent Power’s grid converts the solar energy into useful power and the college have to pay a very few amount to the company.  Some other colleges are also using this solar power.

Institution needs an average of 360 kWh of power for their daily use and the solar panels are providing around 250 kWh of energy and it helped to save electricity bill. Students are also extremely delighted to use this natural source of energy.

“GFSU’s new campus uses LED lights extensively. Classrooms, laboratories and offices are also designed to maximize the use of sunlight,” says Vyas the college principal.

Other Universities in Gujarat has also installed solar cells and they too have reduced the hefty electricity bills.

Solar panels convert solar energy into electrical energy and it is a renewable source of energy. Photovoltaic cells are responsible for this energy conversion and solar panels consists of a large number of solar cells. Solar cells uses concave mirrors to focus the sunlight. Solar cells are replacing the other conventional sources of energy now. It is a renewable source of energy which is affordable and easy to access and environment friendly. Solar power has all the features of an environmentally sustainable source of energy. So its use should be promoted.

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Under the new solar policy, any surplus energy generated and exported after adjustment of the consumption at the end of the billing cycle shall be purchased by the concerned distribution company. This will benefit the distribution companies by helping them fulfill their renewable energy purchase obligations. The Gujarat Solar Policy – 2015 acted as a catalyst for the process. The policy aims to increase the net solar power generation capacity of Gujarat to 10,000 MW by 2020,” says Gujarat Energy Development Agency director J.T. Akhani.

Usually schools and colleges stand as a role model for the society and the environment friendly activities practiced in colleges will provide a rapid awareness among common people, so lets hope that solar panels will dominate other sources of energy.