Modi and Sonia Talk: Koi Taaza Hawa Chali Hai Abhi…

Modi - Sonia,Modi - Sonia Talk: Koi Taaza Hawa Chali Hai Abhi..., Modi and Sonia
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Modi and Sonia Talk: Koi Taaza Hawa Chali Hai Abhi…

PM Modi and Mrs. Gandhi talking to each other is a good thing. Even if it took 18 months for Modi and Sonia Talk, it is a good beginning. Some of my friends are saying that the BJP leadership is talking peace and secularism because they want GST bill passed. Even if it is so, it is good! That is political craftsmanship. The country needs progress and GST is one step in the right direction. Mr. Modi knows that once GST bill is passed and it brings about a change in the way we do business, the entire credit, rightfully, can be claimed by his party. To this extent, ‘Sarvajan Hitay’, if they have bent a bit, it is admirable! Read: Guaranteed Roadmap to END Intolerance in 24 hours

Mr. Modi has shown his admiration for Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and perhaps wants to be known as “Lauh Purush II” (Iron Man II), but this is the first time he is showing that he may have some of the political craft of M/s Atal Bihari Vajpayee and P.V.Narasimha Rao. If it were to become permanent, what a combination that would be!

In another welcome move, Mr. Modi has backed the use of term ‘Secular’ in the preamble to our constitution.

We hope his followers, some of whom seem blind and deaf to our logic and reasoning, would follow suit and stop bastardising the venerable term as “Sickular”. This round in the parliament clearly goes to Mr. Modi and him alone. Mr. Rajnath Singh railed against the constitution a day prior to Mr. Modi’s conciliatory statements. Mr. Jaitley is still living in 1970’s and couldn’t rise above Emergency. As for Mr. Shah, the less said the better, he still seems to be hallucinating that he is in an election campaign and can’t seem to think beyond B’Desh immigrants.

Mr. Rahul Gandhi might be congratulating himself that it was his speech to the students of Mount Carmel, where he asked the PM to invite opposition to talk, that made Mr. Modi do it. The fact is that this PM has his own mind and has shown over nearly two decades that he doesn’t listen to anyone, especially the Gandhis! In that context, it was also a big step forward in thawing of national discourse that they added Nehru ji’s name to the contributors of nation building.

Therefore, whatever happened, it happened inside the deep and mysterious crevices of Mr. Modi’s brain. However, whatever thought occurred to him, it seems good, at least for the moment. All that we live for is the moment and all that matters is the moment. And this moment is good when both Modi and Sonia are in talks!

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