Sonu Nigam in an Impromptu Performance on Aircraft!


Sonu Nigam in an Impromptu Performance on Aircraft!

When Sonu Nigam, Lucky Ali, Alka Yagnik and so on schedule a performance in a particular city or venue, music-lovers storm in to buy tickets and book their place in the audience well in advance, so that they don’t miss their favourite singer in action. Sonu Nigam is a man who has churned out blockbuster after blockbuster for decades, with his inspirational skills and his love for music. He has given the people of India and also many others from around the world Hindi anthems to live by. Some of his songs have made such a deep impact on viewers and music lovers that they are etched in their minds and hearts forever.

Sonu Nigam
Sonu Nigam.

When we see any of these celebrities in person, the shock and the immediate awe that we find ourselves in leaves us incapable of words, and we usually reach straight for our pockets to find our cellphones, just to be able to capture a moment with the icon.

The opposite was the case, though, on a flight from Jodhpur to Mumbai – where Sonu Nigam decided to entertain the flight passengers with his angelic, award-winning voice and singing talent. According to a celebrity fashion blog from whose Facebook account the video was shared, Nigam was in Jodhpur performing for a private event and befriended the guests. So, when they all took the same flight back to Mumbai, the singer decided to surprise them all with a special impromptu performance. Nigam was in Jodhpur performing for a private event and befriended the guests, so when they were on the same flight as him on the way back from the event, he decided to put up this unique show for them. Check out the 2 videos:

Click here for the first video

Click here for the second video

These videos have been going viral, and lots of viewers have been envying those who were privileged enough to be on that flight. Well, if I was there, I would try to cherish every moment, because it’s not often that the singer who has won so many hearts in our country and in the world decides to sing for you!

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