Sonu Nigam Lashes Out at Jet Airways for Suspending Cabin Crew


Sonu Nigam Lashes Out at Jet Airways for Suspending Cabin Crew

Recently, a video of Sonu Nigam performing a couple of songs on a Jet Airways flight for his co-passengers whom he had befriended at an event, had gone viral. Most people would expect Jet Airways to consider this as good publicity, that passengers could enjoy such a high level of comfort and could be treated to such a novel experience on one of their flights. But alas, people just don’t look at the brighter side of things, nowadays. Jet Airways suspended their cabin crew for asking the singing superstar to sing on the address system. [ Read: Sonu Nigam in an Impromptu Performance on Aircraft!]

sonu nigam
Photographs of Sonu Nigam performing on the Jet Airways flight.

Nigam was highly disappointed by this decision taken by the airlines, and said to ANI, “To suspend the crew for asking me to sing on the address system, when the seat belt signs were off, and no announcements were to be made, is nothing less than punishing someone for spreading happiness.” He added that Indians need to learn how to lighten up and take it easy, and said “I’ve witnessed an elaborate fashion show, small concerts in an aircraft. I’ve also seen pilots and the crew crack jokes to loosen up passengers in other countries, which is so cool.” He said that it’s a pity that there is no one to question such harshness, except the media, and that “this act of lack of common sense, according to me, is real intolerance”.

It’s quite obvious that Jet Airways took disciplinary action beyond the necessary level, and that they truly did put a ‘spoil-sport’ tag on themselves by doing this. Considering the fact that even Nigam was aware that the situation in the flight was under control, and that performing for his co-passengers would be a novel event and a memorable one for all who were present and involved, it is tragic that this kind of action was taken by Jet Airways. Loosen up, fellas!

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