Star Wars : The Force Awakens Becomes Fastest Film To Earn $1 Billion


Star Wars : The Force Awakens Becomes Fastest Film To Earn $1 Billion

A film that has truly lived up to its hype this year is Star Wars : The Force Awakens, the latest in the epic Star Wars saga. The film has earned over a whopping 1 billion dollars at the international box office, and in record time! According to The Walt Disney Co., the film achieved this feat in only 12 days, a day ahead of the previous record-holder, Jurassic World, which did the same in 13 days.

Star Wars : The Force Awakens
A scene from Star Wars : The Force Awakens, with with Rey (Daisy Ridley) and BB8, the droid.

Although The Force Awakens managed to break Jurassic World’s record by just a day, it is necessary to note that The Force Awakens is still yet to release in China (it is set to release on Jan 9th), which is the world’s second-largest movie market. Jurassic World’s grossings included that of the Chinese market as well.

The film has also broken several other records. A few of these are:

  • The biggest Christmas Day box office in history, with $49.3m.
  • The best second-weekend earnings with $153.5m.
  • Earned $238m in North America over its opening weekend. (The previous record holder was Jurassic World)
  • Set international opening-weekend records in Australia, New Zealand and throughout Europe.
  • The biggest worldwide debut with $529m.
  • Topped $100m in IMAX screenings in 10 days, setting another global record.

Now, that’s a lot of records! This goes to show the following that Star Wars has created for itself ever since the release of Star Wars Episode IV : A New Hope in 1977. The remarkable thing is that this fan following is still growing everyday! The Force Awakens managed to set all these records at a time when a number of highly anticipated films were being released too, including Quentin Tarantino’s latest venture, The Hateful Eight. If that doesn’t show the power of ‘The Force’, I don’t know what does!

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