No Time To Hit The Gym? Stay Fit With These Easy 9 Steps!


No Time To Hit The Gym? Stay Fit With These Easy 9 Steps!

With our busy schedules these days, it is almost impossible to hit the gym. We have our schools, colleges, jobs and many things that might need our attention. Amidst our daily chores, we always tend to forget the importance of staying fit and healthy.


Staying fit doesn’t necessarily involve going to a gym or taking out 40 minutes for jog (although it is great if you do so). Studies have proven that people who split their exercise regime into 10-15 minutes up to 5 to 6 times a day stay fit longer and weight more amount of weight than those who take out block 40-50 minutes all together.

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These little tricks will help you stay fit and lose weight while you are doing your daily chores. How exciting is that?

  1. While cooking, you can do push ups while waiting for your curry or tea to boil up.
  2. Don’t you ever forget what it is like to be 16. turn the music up and dance while you are cleaning the house.
  3. When in malls or supermarkets, try and avoid escalators and elevators. The old fashioned taking-the-stairs to the rescue
  4. Need to buy something from the vendor nearby? Ditch your car. Instead take a brisk walk up to the vendor and repeat the way back.
  5. Hate commercial breaks on the television? Spice them up by jogging in place until you wait for your show to resume. An average woman can shred up to 45 calories in 5 minutes!
  6. Standing still in one place for minutes also helps burn calories.
  7. Strengthen your core muscles by sucking your tummy in, while you walk or sit for about 30-40 seconds.
  8. If you’re a working woman, you could squat about 9 to 10 times in your office to tone your thigh muscles.
  9. You could do small reps of weights while you wait for that face-pack to dry.

Here is small 8-minute “in a hurry” morning workout regime that will help you tone, strengthen and lose those extra calories off!


High five Ladies! To a fit and better us. Bye bye calories!