Stealing LPG : This is Why Your Gas Cylinders Don’t Last


Stealing LPG : This is Why Your Gas Cylinders Don’t Last

Have you ever wondered how your gas cylinder suddenly got empty, long before you expected it to? It can’t be a calculation mistake on your part every time, can it? Of course not! This is because people are cheating you with the amount of LPG in your gas cylinders! Yes, your LPG providers are stealing LPG from you.

In this video, we see how a man connects two cylinders in order to transfer gas from the full cylinder to an empty one, in order to make customers believe that both are full. After watching this, the situation will make complete sense to you, and if you are facing a problem with the amount of gas that you get from your LPG provider, you might consider finding a new one. Go ahead, take a look for yourself:


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Here you can clearly see the man transferring gas from one cylinder to another. He seems quite good it, making it quite obvious that he has had enough practice at this devious art. It is necessary for us to be aware of the presence of such people in our society, and to prevent them from getting away with such unfair means. It is time we stopped letting such people fool us, and stood up for our basic rights, like getting what we pay for and not what people want us to get, to suit their greed and selfish ways!

Please share this video, and spread the word about such practices in society. These practices should be nipped in the bud, and stern action should be taken against these people to make sure that these things do not keep taking place in the future.

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