Story : A Woman who Opposed Patriarchy and Changed the Rules


Story : A Woman who Opposed Patriarchy and Changed the Rules

India might be very rich, culturally, but there are several drawbacks to that. One of the main drawbacks is the place that women had in society at the time when certain cultural norms and traditions were made. Women were given less importance, and male superiority was considered natural. Patriarchy was the normal way of thinking and functioning. In such a structure, women were not considered fit to do any major work, and were very often not even considered worthy of receiving an education. Eventually, some brave women defied these norms and changed the way things worked, taking our country forward and showing everyone that women are not weaker than men, at least when it comes to intelligence. James Prem posted the story of one such lady on his Facebook profile. Here’s what the post said:

T.S. Kanaka, the lady who chose to change the rules.

“Dr. T.S. Kanaka:

First Woman Neuro-surgeon from Asia, who broke the myth in India that only men alone can perform surgeries. She donated blood 150 times in her life time, and spent a considerable amount of her income, time and efforts for the welfare of the society. She remained single in order to focus her undivided and full-fledged attention to the medical profession. One of the outstanding women of this century, who does everything tenderly and differently. A simple and humble human being.

An inspirational person indeed! God Bless”

Dr. Kanaka really has been an inspiration, not only when she was young but even now, as women’s rights and women’s empowerment are getting the attention they need, and people are standing up for womankind as a whole. Her perseverance sends a clear message – nobody is incapable of doing anything, as long as they are resilient and believe in themselves enough. Dr. Kanaka swam against the tide and was triumphant, which also tells us that giving up is never an option. We thank her for her guidance and for setting an example for women and people in general, in India and around the world.

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