Story : Intern Doctors Saved a Road Accident Victim’s Life


Story : Intern Doctors Saved a Road Accident Victim’s Life

Today’s world is full of greedy and selfish people. But often, those few people who are still willing to fight for what’s right and face the odds to do that, inspire us and give us hope of a  better tomorrow. This story shared by India’s Doctors, a Facebook community, is exactly an example of that. Read on to find out how these Intern Doctors Saved a Road Accident Victim’s Life:

 “Dr Faizah Anjum and Dr Savitri Devi both interns working for Apollo Hospitals Secunderabad were returning yesterday night when they came across a road traffic accident with patient having no / feeble pulse and a huge crowd around. The patient was presumed dead by passerby’s who were lost in taking photos and videos on cellphones

Intern Doctors
The 2 Intern Doctors who saved the road accident victim’s life

Not minding personal safety in the midst of the boisterous crowd they waded into the crowd and though having no medical instruments used their skill and ingenuity to revive the patient.

They used a pen to keep the tongue from falling into the throat and sustained airway.

They folded a news paper and began to blow air into his lungs as the other did chest compressions.

Intern Doctors
The patient, who owes his life to these 2 brave young ladies.

Even after 25 mins though the ambulance had not yet arrived they continued CPR and revived the patient.

The ambulance came and then they administered saline and oxygen.

The patient survived with full heartbeat and he was taken to hospital.

Such bold selfless care by our young doctors is what medical field is all about.

India’s Doctors salutes the spirit of Dr Faizah Anjum and Dr Savitri the true daughters of India and a pride to the medical profession.”

Hats off to these brave citizens of our country, who braved all odds to make sure that they did was was morally correct, using their skills and knowledge for the betterment of society, and helping a fellow Indian in need. These Intern Doctors did what nobody else could have done at that moment!

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