Story : Man Apologises to Call Centre Employee for Verbal Abuse


Story : Man Apologises to Call Centre Employee for Verbal Abuse

Working at a call centre is not as easy as people would like to think it is. There are numerous pressures, such as dealing with a number of simultaneous calls, having to deal with the tempers and impatience of the customers without losing one’s own cool, and so on. We, on the other hand, who sometimes receive sales calls or offers from these call centres, give them the same gift in return, usually – verbal abuse. We tend to take out our frustrations or whatever is bothering us, by shouting and abusing a person who’s just doing their job. But do we ever regret it? Well, we should.

This story of a man who regretted his behaviour and apologised to the caller, should remind us of how harsh we are while dealing with people who are, in their own way, doing the same thing as us, which is trying to earn a decent living for themselves and their families. Here’s the story :

Verbal Abuse
Call Centres are common in India, and working at theses is a source of income for a large number of Indians.

“I live in America and for the last few days I have been spammed with messages and calls offering me loans which these guys are just waiting to wire to my account. It’s frustrating as I have to report them as spam everytime and each time it’s a new number.

Today however, I was left a voicemail by a certain Mark with a clear desi accent. I was really upset at this point and called the number back and abused him with the most foul Hindi words. He sounded a bit hesitant but was trying to keep up. I hung up and he called me again. Back and forth again and then I hung up. I felt very bad for what I did, angry at someone just doing his job albeit not worth doing.

This time I called him and sincerely apologised for my outburst. He said it’s ok and apologised too. I told him it’s not him that I am personally angry against and also told him to find a respectable job. He said “nahi mil raha..”. It was heartbreaking so I told that he and I are perhaps the same age, and we both are doing what we do to support our daily existence and our family and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. I told him to instead put his hard work, on anything other than this soul sucking job. Told him to be brave and not feel bad about himself. There was a silence where I think he was crying. I asked him sorry again. He couldn’t tell me where he was from.

I really felt bad and I feel what he must be going through. I wish our system groomed bold, brave and strong personalities rather than pushing youngsters into the 20s with burdening responsibilities and terrible jobs such as these call centres offering loans to folks abroad.”

Next time, when you deal with a call centre employee, try to see things from his perspective, and be fair and decent in your dealings. Everyone has their worries, and everyone has their sorrows. We should respect each other, and help each other instead of making things worse for them and for our own conscience. Be kind, it doesn’t cost a penny.

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