Success Story of Prem Ganapathy: From Rs 150 to Earning 30 Crores Monthly


Success Story of Prem Ganapathy: From Rs 150 to Earning 30 Crores Monthly

A man who was earning Rs 150 per month initially is now earning Rs 30 crores. Will a low initial earning lead to a high earning? The answer is yes. The story of Prem Ganapathy who is a native of Tuticorin, Tamilnadu gives a clear-cut evidence for this. If you toil hard for a low earning surely luck will come within your reach.

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Success Story of Prem Ganapathy, earning
Prem Ganapathy

Prem left his home to Mumbai at the age of 17 as he was assured a job by an associate. His acquaintance did not turn up giving an indication that kismet was not with him. As he was a man of positive thinking he could convert the misfortune into fortune and was also able to change his vision into actuality by becoming the owner of Dosa Plaza, a multi crore business.

He had a depressed life in Mumbai, as no one was willing to offer him a job since his associate had bailed on him.

“The very next day, I got a job washing dishes at a local bakery at Mahim for a salary of Rs 150 a month. The good bit was that I could sleep at the bakery itself. In the next two years, I picked up odd jobs at various restaurants and tried to save as much as possible,” Prem told The Economic Times. For the next few years, he delivered pizza bread to a hotel in Chembur. He then moved to Navi Mumbai and started working as a dishwasher in a restaurant.

By 1992, Prem started selling idlis and dosas on the street opposite Vashi railway station in his rented handcraft.

“I borrowed some money from friends and rented a handcart for Rs 150. It was really difficult in the initial days. Many times, the municipality vans used to come and pick our handcart. But I was very positive and determined. I never gave up hope,” Prem told Rediff in an interview.
Prem learned to use a computer with the assistance offered by his friends. “I took a break of two hours every evening and spent the time surfing at a cyber cafe. I used to read about various businesses and learned quite a lot. My brothers also played a crucial role in making the business a success,” he says.

Inspired by the success of a McDonald’s restaurant that started beside his cart, Prem was confident enough to start his own business.

In 1997, Prem leased a small space and started Prem Sagar Dosa Plaza. The name Dosa Plaza was given because his restaurant provided 26 different varieties of dosas, included Schezwan dosa, paneer chilly, and spring roll dosa. By 2002, he  was able to offer 105 different varieties of dosas to the customers. This was the turning point in his life, which led to the increase in his monthly income.

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“My luck turned the day Centre One mall decided to open up in our vicinity. Its management team and staffers had often dined at our restaurant and enjoyed our fare. They suggested that we set up an outlet in the mall and we happily complied,” Prem says.

Soon he started receiving franchise requests, including some from abroad. To date, Dosa Plaza operates 45 outlets in India and seven international outlets in three countries, i.e. the UAE, Oman and New Zealand.

This very well proves that planned hard work will surely lead us to a world of success!!