Story : ‘VIP Culture’ Causes Student to Miss His Exam


Story : ‘VIP Culture’ Causes Student to Miss His Exam

‘VIP Culture’ or ‘VVIP Culture’ is a malpractice prevalent in Indian society, whereby government officials and other VIPs think they can do just about anything to suit themselves, and expect everyone else to comply without saying a word. This story submitted by Jameel Ahmed to The Logical Indian, is a shining example of how this meaningless act of narcissism can cause great harm to others :

VIP Culture
VIP Convoys are given more importance than any other vehicle on the road, even ambulances.

“On 19th Dec, I had an Engineering Mechanics examination at sharp 10’o clock in my college which is approximately 7 kilometers away from my home, it just takes 15-20 mins for me to reach my college every day as I travel on my bike through a national highway which is always free enough. As my exam was at 10’o clock I decided to start at 8’o clock from my residence with one of my friend, considering the traffic problems in case. When the exam was at 10’o clock, starting at 8’o clock is very early. After travelling half of my way to my college I got stuck in traffic where I noticed police officials were tensed to control traffic on the roads.

Then I got to know that one of the VIP person will be passing on road into the city as he had to attend a ceremony in Mangalagiri which is neighboring town to Vijayawada. He had to land from Hyderabad to Gannavaram Airport which is 30 kilometers away from Vijayawada. The traffic was stopped long back in that way though he has not yet started in Gannavaram Airport. There was not even a single vehicle or even a bicycle was running through the road lane next to me. Many of them turned off their engines as they know it may take time for traffic to get cleared. Everybody were waiting for the VIP person to pass through that way as they can move on. I don’t know how many of them were having emergency works like me, as no one knows that I was getting late for my exam. The traffic was held by the police from Gannavaram to Vijayawada.

It was already late for my exam and then VIP person Arrived and the traffic slowly cleared and I reached my college.

Examination and Ambulance are the most emergency situations which can’t wait for the VIPs. I lost my exam as I was got stuck in traffic because of this VIP person, but in my place if there was an Ambulance what would be the alternative to save a person’s life. Exam can be written again even if I failed but what about a person’s life. Is a VIPs convoy more than a precious life and our politicians say “We are in politics to serve people” disgusting.

Who is responsible to my delay of Exam? Who will be responsible if there was an ambulance in that way? Will VIPs give’s reason enough to faculty of our college so that I can attend my examination??

It might be a protocol for police officers to make way for the VIPs but not such long from 15 kms that to on a national highway though he wasn’t started yet from the airport. Politicians become leaders on the votes of people and people has to wait for them even they have their own emergencies. People protest on religions, intolerance,etc..etc.. But the same people never protest for the People or the politicians. If they would have been protested on politicians rather than Film Actors and Cricketers India Would be in better position than many Countries. Anyways we make them leaders so we should wait for them whatever may happen.

Submitted By – Jameel Ahmed”

It is about time that we speak up against practices like ‘VIP Culture’ in our country and ensure that people do not suffer for the stupidity of others. If it wasn’t for the people of the country, these VIPs and VVIPs would be nothing. Thus, they should also consider us as important as themselves, if not more.

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