Story : Why do Auto Rickshaw Drivers Always Ask for ‘Extra’?


Story : Why do Auto Rickshaw Drivers Always Ask for ‘Extra’?

Everyone who’s taken an auto rickshaw, be it in Delhi, Mumbai or Bangalore, has more often than not been asked for ‘extra’ i.e. more fare than what should be paid according to the meter. Many of us have even retorted with ‘why do you have the meter if you’re gonna ask for extra anyway?’, but have had to either find another auto or pay the driver what he wants (which would amount to encouraging his ‘extra’-demanding ways). Here is a story of another user of public transport who is being troubled by the same issue, and has the same question on her mind too – WHY? Here’s what she had to say, according to The Logical Indian‘s post on Facebook :

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Auto rickshaws are used by a very large number of people as a daily mode of transport.

“Today I am compelled to write this post because of my extreme dissatisfaction towards Bangalore Auto Service. I have been in Bangalore of almost a year now and I suppose the problem I am about to narrate is everyday issue with most of the travelers.

It was almost 5:00PM and I decided to leave early today as I winded up my work early and I thought I could go back home and work.

I stay in south part of the city and depend mostly on public transport for daily commutation(Auto Service). After waiting for 10 minutes and rejections of 3 autos finally I found an Auto which agreed to drop me at my place.

As soon as I sat in the auto, he started saying “30 Rupees extra” I asked him “WHY” do I need to pay extra as its not peak hours to which the Auto Driver replied because of Traffic. I told him I am not going to pay anything extra as you already have a meter and I will pay according to what the meter fare shows. The auto drive immediately said “please get down from my auto as I won’t go that way”, I told him if he behaves this way I would complain against him and he started building stories that the auto is financed he cannot go which I wasn’t able to relate.

I finally without much of an argument got down from the auto and waited for 20 more min till I found another one. While coming in the new Auto the only question that came in my mind was WHY?.  Why do I need to pay extra when every Auto Service has a Designation Meter.

If that being the case there shouldn’t be an existence of meters At all. The question is not about paying 30 Rupees or 40 Rupees extra it’s about Why ? Why shall I pay when the meter has a different Value?

I had spoken to a couple of friends of mine as well and I hear the same thing. For everyday commuters it has been a regular Harassment or I would rather term it as exploitation of Auto Drivers. They just ask anything and everything based on their own Whims & Fancies.

I am not sure if there is any rescue to this unethical way of behaviour from the Auto Drivers.”

Someone must know why this practice is such a prevalent one, and what makes these auto drivers think that they have the right to behave in such a manner on a regular basis. And if someone does know what the problem is, there must be a solution as well! If that means that auto rickshaw fares will go up, so be it – at least we’ll have a regulated fare system. One way or the other, this kind of meaningless practice needs to be brought to an end.

Why do you think asking for ‘extra’ has become such a common practice, and how can we stop it? Tell us in the comments section!