Sudha Chandran – Actress who lost a foot, but fought Bravely with Life


Sudha Chandran – Actress who Lost a foot, but fought Bravely with Life

“Ever wondered what it will be, to be living, yet be dead! To have a pumping heart, Yet, no soul to inject.” We bring you the true story of Sudha Chandran. Have you ever imagined what will happen if all the things you live for, suddenly go away? What will happen if you wake up to such a day where, there is sorrow and, monotony because what you had is no more?

Sudha Chandran - Actress who lost a foot, but fought Bravely with life

Will you sit ideal and, stare at the wake sky, or will you push an effort to stand up, once again?

All these thoughts must have run through the mind of multi-faceted Sudha Chandran – Bharatnatyam dancer, Tv actor and recipient of the most eminent National film Award, when she lost her foot to an unfortunate accident.

Sudha was a normal child with keen interest in dance; so keen that her early training began at the age of 3 and a half years. Maintaining a great record in academics ever since in school, she opted for Arts, in a society which had high standards only for Science students. Her choice was in favor of her passion, her dance. She was confident and, confided in Arts to support her already established persona of a dancer and, take her to professional heights which were yet to be soared.

But, unfortunate things don’t summon you on notice, they just strike.

Sudha, at the age of 16, met with an accident while travelling back from Trichy in a bus, and was ineffectively attended by medical interns, who didn’t recognize that they’d missed a wound on her right ankle, which later went on to become the cause of all shattered hopes.

The ill-catered foot now had gangrene and, the foot had to be amputated so that the body could be saved, from this fatal condition. It was this moment where Sudha Chandran realized that her dance was the only thing she had, and without a foot , she will be devastated; less because she won’t have a foot anymore, but more because this will limit her to dance.

The journey which began from that day, to now when she gracefully does shows and, movies has been worth it. Her struggle to adjust with her jaipor leg and, manage the frustration of not being able to walk properly fueled her to push her limits to the sky. She didn’t accept defeat even when her fellows had sympathetic eyes about her inability to return to the stage now!

Under strict physiotherapy, she kept on trying to reach where she wanted to. The pain was immense and, the pace was slow but, she didn’t want to live a life of compromise. All her efforts were regarded true, when she performed with her jaipor leg, once again and, the show went house-full ending with a standing ovation. She was again THE SUDHA CHANDRAN people had missed and, her fortune blasted with opportunities she thought would never knock again.

And, in the end, she humbly says – “ God was with me at all the times, and that is the irony of life – that an accident so fatal, could still be a blessing in disguise.”