Suhel Seth Issues Open Letter To Rahul Gandhi


Suhel Seth Issues Open Letter To Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi has been in the news for all the wrong reasons in the recent past. A month ago, he was embarrassed at Mount Carmel college by the student crown he was addressing. In more recent news, he, along with his mother, Sonia Gandhi, and other Congress leaders have been shamed in the National Herald case. Rahul was recently told to ‘go back’ and ‘let Parliament function’.

Rahul Gandhi
Suhel Seth

Since he’s clearly making a mess of things, Suhel Seth, a man who has been known to never mince his words, issued an open letter to Rahul Gandhi. Here’s what he said:

“Dear Rahul:

I am keeping this simple and in plain English. Just so that you don’t have to struggle to comprehend. I have observed you with amusement, anger and at times, amazement. You seem to have a rush of ideas which, most of the time, make no sense but your excitement seems to suggest that they are life altering. But sadly, only in your pretty little head. This country has had the privilege of being served by your family and no one can take that contribution away. Sadly, you lost two of your family members to assassins’ bullets and no family needs to go through this but you did and this country will be forever indebted.

But then here’s the thing. You don’t have perpetual rights over India. No one does. This is not an HUF that we must be forever grateful to you. Instead, you owe this country gravitas as a Member of Parliament. You owe this nation a semblance of order and the desire to see things progress.

Rahul Gandhi
Image jokes about Rahul Gandhi are doing the rounds on the internet.

For far too long, people in politics have been self-serving louts who loot and pilfer from this country and believe they have the right to do so. But things have changed. People in this country want progress because it is their right.

It is true that this is not the first time the Parliament has been disrupted. The BJP were equally errant but then two wrongs don’t make a right.

You need to worry: people have very little respect for your intellect. Don’t let them lose respect for your integrity. They have very little respect for dynasties any more. Don’t make them hate the legacy you’ve inherited.

Don’t mock the judiciary just because it is you who is now in the dock. India has had a history of institutions being tinkered with and your grandmother was brilliant at that. Instead of inheriting her ways of the world, look at your great grandfather. He respected the Parliament. He never mocked it. He believed in India’s progress, never stymied it. He was for an inclusive India and not for an India that would be one family’s preserve.

Time waits for no one and in your case it is running out pretty fast. You have two choices in front of you: you can either become a symbol of hope and affection or you can be that of derision and disrespect. Why would you choose the latter when you can easily embrace the former?

Why do you want to be a footnote of history when you can be its glowing chapter?

Let the Parliament function; respect the laws of the land. They are made for the privileged like you as well. And get on by participating in India’s march ahead. And not being its greatest hindrance.

In hope,

Suhel Seth”

Let’s hope Rahul Gandhi gets the message loud and clear from this letter, and responds in a positive manner, making smarter decisions and working towards the true development of our nation.

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