Suicide Squad Trailer Released, and it Looks Awesome!


Suicide Squad Trailer Released, and it Looks Awesome!

Superhero films are a big craze and trend at the moment, with film production houses around the world capitalising on the fact that these superhero stories and characters have captured the imaginations of the world’s youth for decades. Christopher Nolan set a new bar for superhero film directors and producers with his Batman trilogy, and films about both Marvel Comics and DC Comics franchises have been rolling out every year. Amongst others like Batman vs Superman : Dawn of Justice, a film which has many eagerly awaiting its release, simply because the bad guys are the good guys, is Suicide Squad.

suicide squad
Jared Leto as The Joker, in a glimpse from Suicide Squad.

According to DC Comics, the Suicide Squad is a group of villains who were captured for their crimes and misdeeds, who are being used to fight for the other side i.e. fight for good, in exchange for the chance to be free once again. The film stars Will Smith and Jared Leto, who has people eagerly awaiting his portrayal of the legendary super-villian from the Batman Comic books, The Joker. In the earlier teaser of the film, Leto’s Joker was seen saying “I’m not gonna kill you, I’m just gonna hurt you…real bad”, and if that isn’t a promise of performance to look forward to in a superhero film, I don’t know what is! And with the release of the trailer, fans can’t contain their excitement anymore! Here, have a look :

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For superhero fans, to comic book geeks, to movie buffs, everyone is eagerly awaiting this twisted-but-fun story of a supergroup of villains fighting for good. The trailer shows quite a bit of the fundamentals of each character, which also keeps viewers begging for more. So far, so good, I would say, for the Suicide Squad film. We’ll be hoping with fingers crossed, that it lives up to the hype that it’s creating!

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