Suraj Pancholi Finally Breaks his Silence about Jiah Khan!! Read What He has to Say


Suraj Pancholi Finally Breaks his Silence about Jiah Khan!! Read What He has to Say

We all are familiar with the news about Jiah Khan’s controversial suicide on June 3, 2013. It has been two years now since the Bollywood industry lost one of the most talented actress- Jiah Khan. Though at first it was not considered as a suicide, her boyfriend the famous Suraj Pancholi was accused for her death but leter he was released. Now, Jiah Khan’s suicide case has again come to the limelight as Suraj Pancholi her ex boyfriend finally broke his silence after all these years.

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Salman Khan who is said to be the Godfather of Suraj Pancholi and the reason behind his fame in Bollywood suggested him to clear all the misconceptions about him before releasing of his debut film ‘Hero’. He suggested that he should face the media and clear the air about Jiah Khan before his silence is mistaken into something else by the people.

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Before the release of his upcoming film it was obvious that old wounds would be hauled up again so it was better to make things clear so that misunderstandings could be avoided. In a recent interview Suraj when asked about his accusation for the suicide he said “My name will always be associated with her and I have no guilt for that. I am happy that something at least stays with me. I am sad that she ended her life. But at least her name is with me and I have no problems with it”.

Suraj Pancholi still admits that although she has been gone for two years but he still misses her. He said “I miss her. I miss her every day of my life. I am missing her while I am sitting with you right now. If I loved a person so much, I would miss her. She was five years elder to me. She was more mature than me. I was 21 years old then and she was 26. She knew more about the industry than me.”

Do you think Suraj Pancholi really feels guilty for her death or its just another publicity stunt?