8 Surprising Health Benefits of Laughter


8 Surprising Health Benefits of Laughter

Nothing in this world is better than a deep-rooted belly laugh. Laughter is priceless and easy to use medicine. Laughter does several amazing things. It surely is the best medicine in the world. For you and the people around you. When laughter is shared, it binds people together and increases happiness and intimacy. Laughter strengthens your immune system and also saves you from the damaging effects of stress. Since the mind and body are connected, you use an amazing amount of muscles when you laugh. And it is proven to have many healthy benefits on human body. In this article we would discuss about few health benefits of laughter.

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8 Surprising Health Benefits of Laughter -fantoosy

1) Protects The Heart:

It has been scientifically proven that people who laugh a lot on a regular basis have lower blood pressure than others. Laughter improves cardiac health, your heart needs some good exercise like any other part of your body and laughter is a great cardio workout. As it improves the function of blood vessels and increases blood flow. Are you too lazy to walk on a thread mill or to go for a jog? Then laugh your heart into health. It’s quite simple isn’t it.

2) Reduces Stress And Depression:

Laughter helps in the reduction of stress hormones in your body. And this reduction will eventually cut down anxiety and stress impacting your body. #Laughter reduces tension and stress and also lowers the anxiety, which helps people who are suffering from depression. Having a hard time at work place? Well crack a joke with your coworkers and laugh your stress away.

3) Reduces Pain:

A considerable amount of #laughter has been found to reduce pain. A British study shows how just 15 minutes of laughter can increase pain tolerance by around 10 percent as a result of endorphins being released in the brain. See how easy it is? Just laugh your pains out.

4) Relaxes The Whole Body:

A healthy #laughter is always good to relax the whole body. It helps you in relaxing the muscles for a prolonged period of time by relieving tension and stress.

5) Immune System:

You all know what protects your body from diseases, it’s your immune system. Researches have found that a good amount of laughter boosts your immune system. It decreases stress hormones and improves your resistance to disease by increasing your immune cells.

6) Improves Positive outlook:

Researches have found that having a positive outlook on life helps in fighting diseases. And it could also increase a sense of well-being.

7) Defense Against Respiratory Infections:

#Laughter tends to reduce the frequency of colds and coughs by acting as a defense against respiratory infections. This acts similar to deep breathing and improves your breathing.

8) Physical Benefits:

  •  Increases memory and learning.
  •  Improves Creativity.
  •  Lowers blood pressure.
  •  Workout to facial muscles.
  •  Reduces certain stress hormones.
  •  Decreases pain.
  •  Helps in relaxing your muscles.
  •  Improves your breathing.
  •  Prevents heart disease.
  • Boosts immunity.

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#Laughter gives you the courage to to find meaning and hope, during the difficult phases in your life. Also remember laughing with others is more important and powerful than laughing alone.