Swasthya Slate: Medical Device that Completes 33 Diagnostic Tests in 45 Minutes


Swasthya Slate : Medical Device that Completes 33 Diagnostic Tests in 45 Minutes

Swasthya Slate, an instant medical device is going to dominate the existing diagnostic strategies in the medical field. Swasthya Slate will eliminate the lengthy duration of time involved in getting the results of medical test. It is a medical device that can complete 33 diagnostic tests of measuring blood pressure, blood sugar, heart rate, blood hemoglobin, urine protein, etc. in 45 minutes. Hence the name Swasthya Slate as it is helpful in detecting diseases like malaria, dengue, hepatitis, HIV, and typhoid that requires keen diagnosis.

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Swasthya Slate

“One of the most exciting things about Swasthya Slate is that it is an instantaneous system. So it really helps in the sense that you don’t have to wait for days and hours to know that you have dengue. You can find out instantly and begin your treatment,” says 36-year-old Kanav, a biomedical engineer who was a researcher at Arizona State University’s Department of Biomedical Informatics, for 11 years, before returning to India in 2011.

Actually Dr. Kanav Kaho is a resident of Delhi who went to US for his Master’s and PhD degrees.

The Swasthya Slate is fundamentally a portable platform involving a kit comprising a digital thermometer, a BP monitor, an easy to use heart rate sensor, an ECG system, a blood sugar monitor, and a water quality unit that allows you to do various kinds of diagnostic tests on a mobile phone or a tablet.

Android device receives information from interface connected in between via blue tooth or USB connection from which it is sent to a central server for creating a detailed record about the health of the patient. The results of the test are available with in 45 minutes online, which is easy to download. The system also reminds the patients about when they have to go for their next appointments.

The cost of Swasthya Slate is about Rs 53000, which is very, less than the amount spent for individual diagnosis tests. Now it is being used by various government hospitals located in 80 locations that is Nigeria, Peru, Norway, Canada, Gujarat, Jammu and Kashmir, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Meghalaya, etc.

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According to Dr. Kanav, this price makes the device affordable in most parts of India because if you go and buy individual devices for all these tests, the cost will be around Rs. 5-6 lakh.
Swasthya Slate with its easy accessibility will completely change the existing diagnostic techniques. Thanks to Kanav for his Swasthya Slate!!


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